You’ll Wonder Why you Didn’t Do it Earlier

Dealing with a crummy job, cranky boss and unintelligible bureaucracy? You’re not alone. In the moment it might feel easier to keep your head down and avoid making waves but where does that leave you tomorrow or next month or year?

A Changing Mindset

As humans, we’re hardwired to avoid uncertainty but when the daily certainty means unnecessary stress created by changing quotes, time clocks and new business plans, how do you benefit? If your job is about building relationships, these things do nothing to enhance business, let alone your career.

Success Your Way

By zeroing in on priorities and creating a career of your own design, you’ll have the time and energy necessary to build and retain quality client relationships with the critical operational and financial support.

The Tallgrass Freight Advantage

  • Choose your own schedule and build customer base
  • Stability of Tallgrass Freight IT infrastructure
  • Leverage the Asset of our MC Number
  • Backing of liability insurance and necessary bonds
  • Ability to be your own boss and work remotely
  • Advantage of Tallgrass Freight Receivables and Payables processes

Tallgrass offers the option of two commission options and full freight and logistics assistance including business setup and consulting, access to the Tallgrass customized CRM, carrier-relations support, VOIP phones and financial support. Here, comp plans are set and never change.

When you’re ready to leave office politics behind and become your own boss, Tallgrass can help build your own freight sales business with backing from our first-class office operations team. To learn more about how to take charge of your future as a Tallgrass Freight Agent, call (913) 721-0079 or fill out our online form.

About Tallgrass Freight

Tallgrass Freight Company, a full-service logistics provider, offers a range of transportation and logistics services for small- and mid-size companies. A trusted shipping provider since 2012, Tallgrass offers Less-Than Truckload (LTL), Full Truckload Shipping (FTL), Flatbed Services, Intermodal Services and more. By building and maintaining top-notch carrier relationships and a service-first culture, Tallgrass ensures you will have the truck you need when you need it and the assurance that all deliveries will arrive on time and intact at the best possible prices.