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What Freight Agents Gain From Stellar Back Office Support

A stellar back office support team is one of the most crucial keys to success in the freight industry. Why? Because with the right people backing you up, your book of business is bound to reach new heights!

Tallgrass Freight Co. has a foundation rooted in support. We diligently work to provide our agents with tools and resources to thrive, from billing assistance and help with invoices to technical support and everything in between.

Our back office administration team implements seamless workflows and ensures our agents are maximizing their potential, all while leading agents to financial freedom and that dream paycheck! To build a thriving book of business, you need an exceptional back office to support you: it’s that simple. 


Back Office Support: What you GAIN

When you’re in business for yourself, it’s tempting to think that to be successful, you have to do everything yourself. If someone else handles even a small aspect of your business, aren’t you losing money?

NO! Hard and fast NO! When you have our expert-level back office support, you don’t lose out on anything. In fact, you have everything to gain! 

Just imagine where your business could be if . . . 

  • You could reinvest your invoicing, collections, accounts payable and accounts receivable time on selling instead!
  • You had a team of freight industry veterans on speed dial, ready to support and coach you.
  • You had access to a best-in-class freight CRM created to make your work more efficient (plus a top-tier tech support team to help!).
  • You didn’t have to invest in accounting software.
  • You had more time in your day due to streamlined processes and operations.
  • You could set aside worries about carriers and clients and could trust an expert support team.

With Tallgrass, there’s no imagining. With Tallgrass, this is your reality! Our back office support means you have so much to gain. 


Best-in-Class Infrastructure to Back Your Business

Even the best freight agents only have so much time in a day to complete their to-do list (and let’s be honest, some days it feels impossible to get everything checked off). That’s where the Tallgrass support team steps in! 

Our back office support goes beyond a quick check-in email. We’ve built a company culture that puts our agents first, because when one of us wins, we all win! Our team manages finance and billing, carrier relations, operations, collections, technology and more. 

Meet our exceptional back office team:


Freight Technology for the Win!

Freight agent technology can be the difference between complete chaos and overwhelm and an organized, efficient workday. We don’t do your typical off-the-shelf system here at Tallgrass. Instead, we’ve invested in creating a solution designed precisely for our freight agents’ success!

Our innovative freight technology is another way we offer support and is another huge gain for Tallgrass agents. Our tailor-made CRM was created because our agents deserve the best technology out there — And because we are anything but mediocre.

Our Tallgrass Freight CRM allows agents to more than double their productivity and scale their business. Because our system is tailor-made, our freight agents have the tools to accelerate their growth and streamline daily tasks. For example, our CRM includes an intuitive booking system, robust customer reporting capabilities and easy accessibility to training, as well as resources surrounding customer onboarding, compliance, carrier information, timelines and much more.   


Freight Career Coaching for all Experience Levels

Here at Tallgrass, we place special emphasis on continued growth. Sean Richardson, President, coaches and mentors both new and veteran agents from the onboarding stages to reaching a million dollars in margin in a single year! 

“My focus lies in furnishing the team with practices designed for success, so they can organize their day, track client interactions and inventory and confidently grow their business,” Sean explains. 

To grow your business, you need a community cheering you on, with freight experts who have experience running, growing and managing a book of business. 


At Tallgrass, there’s so much you can gain because of our back office support. Join our freight agent program today and experience what makes our approach so different.