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A Technology Company That Brokers Freight

We know technology is capable of creating incredible things. So why has freight technology lagged behind? At Tallgrass Freight, we’ve never been satisfied with the status quo. It’s safe to say we’re not your run-of-the-mill freight company — in fact, we consider Tallgrass a technology company.

Why? It all comes down to the revolutionary CRM we revealed in April 2021. Sick and tired of dealing with average CRM systems that didn’t deliver, we decided to develop something beyond compare. This kind of innovation is simply part of our DNA, after all.  

Built by freight experts, for freight experts, this one-of-a-kind CRM is catapulting our agents to success and turning the freight industry on its head. And establishing this CRM is indicative of our innovative mindset.

What does it look like to be a tech company that brokers freight? Keep reading for an inside look.


Innovating Freight Technology

Freight agent programs all too often settle for off-the-shelf CRMs that waste time (and, let’s be honest, drain your joy). The limits of the system become the limits of the agents. That’s just not the way we play. 

CRM should be crafted to a freight agent’s specific needs. Designed to save time, instead of wasting it. Because time means serving customers and making money. And we want more of that for our agents, of course!

So imagine a CRM built with the ultimate understanding of what freight agents really need. Now add two years of development and a $1 million dollar investment (shocking, we know!) and you’ve got the TGF Cash Register

That’s why we’re more than comfortable saying we’re a technology company brokering freight. Groundbreaking tech is part of who we are and we’re not afraid to invest in it. 

Of course, our agents come first. We know an investment in CRM is an investment in them. That’s why we call our CRM the TGF Cash Register. Because it makes our freight agents more money and helps them serve more customers. That’s the power of technology.


Delivering Game-Changing Features

Your average CRM is just that. Average. But we want nothing to do with that word. 

So we spent years creating CRM features that are simply extraordinary. 

Take the agent experience, for example. Other systems allow agents to see everything everyone is doing. Shipments, payments, customer contacts and more are out there for anyone to use as they please. With the TGF Cash Register, we’re changing the game with a privatized experience. Every agent gets their own concealed access to CRM, so your books of business are protected.  

What else? Inside our CRM you’ll find a smart, streamlined shipment booking system that actually polices itself, ensuring all items needed to successfully carry out processes are in place. You’ll also get access to an exceptional carrier information page with key details, including history, transactions and more – all pulled directly from our third-party monitoring service. 

That’s not all. We believe innovation doesn’t just stop after the first launch. We intend to innovate our CRM year after year. Because we’re committed to our agents, we want their insights and their feedback. So we created the What If? Program to literally pay our agents for their innovative ideas. If your idea is used in innovating our CRM, we pay you $100. Not once, not twice, but for however many groundbreaking ideas you have. How’s that for some extra change?


Empowering Agent Growth

Subpar CRMs can stunt career growth and we’re not about that at TGF. Our CRM was created to leave crummy, conventional CRM behind in favor of incomparable innovation. And it’s all to help our agents grow

The TGF Cash Register enables agents to more than double productivity and scale business to incredible new places. We know what it takes for freight brokers to succeed, so we created a system to do exactly that! This includes tailor-made tools to accelerate growth and streamline daily tasks.

Why will we hype tech day in and day out? Because technology helps us enhance our agent’s quality of life. And that’s what we’re here to do. We will never shy away from investments that help our team members grow and succeed. That’s a promise. 

Every dollar we put into our CRM is for our team. Because we understand that a time-saving, streamlined experience can make an impact. It gives our agents the ability to perform tasks quicker and more efficiently. That time is what gives agents the chance to build on their books of business, focus on high-level efforts and improve work-life balance. 



For 10 years, innovation has been our mission and we’re proud of what we’ve accomplished with this industry-leading CRM. We’re so proud, we’ll go head-to-head with any other CRM out there. Continuous innovation and evolution is what we do. Our agents are why we do it. 

Want to experience the joys of extraordinary CRM? Learn more about becoming an agent at Tallgrass Freight.