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The Tallgrass Difference: Onboarding

Joining the Tallgrass Freight team is unlike joining any other freight brokerage in the nation. And that begins with onboarding. Unlike other brokerages, we’re here to focus on YOU, the agent. What does that look like and why does it have our agents leaving rave reviews? Take a look behind the scenes of our onboarding process.


Agent-Focused From the Start

The TGF difference starts with the very first interview! No playing around: you’ll see that we’re all about our agents from the very beginning of the recruiting process. We want to know about you and your goals as you join the TGF team. We’re here to help you onboard with ease, enjoy our incredible programs and achieve your goals one by one. It’s not all about your book of business. It’s about your goals, the lifestyle you want. We’re the family that’s going to support you all the way there.

An average day in the life of a TGF agent may include utilizing business-building strategies you learned from a private coaching session, chatting with TGF leadership and connecting with new leads. On our team, you’ll unlock incredible potential from the day you sign on.



Time-Sensitive Training for Your Book of Business

Time is money: The TGF team gets it. When you join the team, your clients are still counting on you. That’s why we strive to make onboarding as quick and responsive as possible so you’re on the ground running in no time. This kind of understanding only comes from leaders who have been in the freight business themselves. 

So for these reasons, we don’t stall when it comes to onboarding. Forget what you think you know about average corporate onboarding. Our training is practical, focused on you and designed to get you up and running quickly. We can schedule your training and onboarding right away. From your first interview through onboarding, it can all happen in a matter of days. (Let that sink in.) No one else is as responsive and efficient as we are!

The time-sensitive nature of servicing clients while onboarding with a broker is at the forefront of our process. Our team has your back and will make sure your clients are beyond satisfied with your new set-up. Onboarding is personal, efficient and effective. It’s all about getting you up to speed so you can thrive.


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Six Months Full of Agent Development

Onboarding happens quickly, but the support doesn’t stop after initial training. Onboarding is a launchpad for your first six months at TGF, when you’ll have access to everything you need to grow your business and get to that next level of success. 

Here you’ll find how-did-I-not-know-that insight and game-changing strategies for out-of-this-world service. Your agent development includes one-on-one coaching calls with our VP of Growth & Development, Chloe Marshall, when you’ll talk through how to overcome obstacles and make a plan to smash your goals. 

Forget about being a one-man show. At TGF, you have the backup you need to truly achieve your freight agent dreams. In fact, TGF’s CEO Damon Anderson and President Sean Richardson will be at your disposal day in and day out as you strive for extraordinary success. 



A Lifetime of Agent Support 

Of course, that support doesn’t stop after six months. Our agents have access to an outstanding, responsive, professional back office support team that takes care of weighty tasks like billing, carrier relations, collections, technology and more. Having this kind of help makes a huge difference as you trek forward hitting milestone after milestone. Just think: With these time-draining tasks off your plate, you can book more freight than ever before and see your book of business skyrocket!

And there are many reasons why our agents rave about the Roundtable. It’s a weekend dedicated to helping our promising freight brokers grow as entrepreneurs. This event features a panel of our most successful team members, ready to answer every question and reveal how they’ve built their companies. No topic is off-limits! We also invite the nationally-known experts at Creative Planning to share their best insights on wealth management and estate planning. Because when you’re making more money than ever, you need to know how to manage it strategically. This mastermind-style event also includes plenty of time for camaraderie and collaboration too. 


Why Tallgrass


The TGF difference makes a difference when it comes to freight agent success. In fact, we’ve got new agents tripling the size of their business within a few years here. Want that kind of success and support for yourself? Become a TGF agent today