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How We Support Your Freight Business: A Day in the Life

At Tallgrass, we’re proud to have built a team of driven, like-minded agents. We love watching them reach new milestones and achieve the type of success they’ve always dreamed up. But, unless your TikTok dance goes viral, success doesn’t happen overnight. Long-term success is a product of dedication, planning and loads of small wins. And to be clear: we’ll support you every step of the way

Here’s a look at what a day in the life is like for a Tallgrass Freight agent:

7:30 AM – Current Clients First

I kick off my morning by checking in on all my current clients, just like Chloe encouraged me to during my coaching with her as a new agent to Tallgrass. By putting my clients first, I know I’m building lasting loyalty and rapport with them, so this is always top of my to-do list.

A couple of my clients have birthdays coming up, so I take the time to handwrite and mail birthday cards. I love to go the extra mile for my clients, just as Tallgrass does for me! It’s the little things.

Thanks to Tallgrass Freight’s best-in-class CRM designed by freight experts, for freight experts, keeping on top of customer relationships and proactively tracking their shipments has never been easier.


9:00 AM – Check on Shipments

I never want my clients to be calling me asking for shipment updates, so at least twice each day, I set aside time to check on the status of any active freight shipments for my customers and pass along updates on ETAs, deliveries and transits. That ongoing communication is key to scaling my freight business and keeping customers happy.

Unexpected complications can pop up easily in the freight world, of course, so I’m ready at the drop of a hat to address any carrier issues the moment they crop up. Thanks to the attitude of partnership at Tallgrass, I know the back office will always have my back when I face these issues. And thankfully, I have the only-at-Tallgrass freight CRM system to help manage everything. The system really makes day-to-day management efficient. 


10:00 AM – Chat with Damon

I wouldn’t be so successful as a freight broker without the supportive leadership at Tallgrass. A CEO taking time out of his busy day to chat with his team? Unheard of, right? But not here. The fact that I can have a casual call with the Founder & CEO on my schedule for the day — and that he asks how my son’s soccer game went last week! — is a testament to how much Tallgrass truly cares about me as a person. Damon says he cares about ensuring this company always feels like a community, and his actions back it up. That really shows how dedicated he is to each of us individually. 

But Damon isn’t the only one who makes a difference. It’s leaders like David Barnes (our COO and Co-Owner), Mike Clemmons (our VP of Product Development), Chelsea Pike (our VP of Account Services) and so many more. Chatting with TGF leadership is exactly what I need to motivate me to grab that second cup of coffee and dive into my list of prospective clients. 


11:00 AM – Following Up on Leads

Now that the caffeine has really kicked in, I’m ready to amp up the energy and reconnect with the potential clients I engaged last week. I have a few potentials who already have a quote in hand, giving me the biggest shot at scoring a win, so I start there first. One is still rather on the fence, but I borrowed some techniques that Sean shared at the last Agent Roundtable and my new client officially pulled the trigger and signed on with me!

This big win gives me a boost of confidence, and I sign one more before having a great check-in with the third lead that I have high hopes for in the future.


12:30 PM – Connect with New Leads

After a brief lunch break to recharge, I take a quick look at active shipments again and — finding no new updates to pass on — review my list of top leads to make introductions with. I was taught in my first weeks here to “professionally pester” prospective clients, and have found that very effective when done with the right heart!

Not every call goes perfectly, of course. That’s the freight world. But I still keep them on my perspectives list. Through the wisdom of Tallgrass’s agent development team, I learned how crucial timing is in this industry, and the right timing with a prospect may just come later.

A few non-committal conversations later, I hit my first firm “no” in the early afternoon. This leaves me pretty discouraged, but luckily it’s almost time for my weekly one-on-one with Chloe, so I step away from prospecting to get a fresh perspective.


2:00 PM – One-on-one with Chloe

I walk Chloe through my wins and losses over the past few days, and she reminds me to celebrate the wins and cheers me on. The partnership and support I get at Tallgrass always encourages me to keep going and not let the word “no” be a source of discouragement.

Chloe tells me, “It’s all about mindset. Putting doubts in your head – you’re taking up too much of someone’s time or you’re bugging that prospect too much – will only hinder your success. Don’t get in your own way. Always keep in mind that you’re simply doing your job and you’re there to help their business succeed as well.” This helps motivate me to keep going, and I return to my work with renewed enthusiasm.

Plus, everything I’m learning from Chloe fuels me to keep building my business. I’ve met some longtime Tallgrass freight agents who have amazing teams, and that’s what I aspire to build.


3:00 PM – More Status Updates and Lead Calls

Feeling refreshed and ready, I check back in on the freight status for my current customers and find a few unexpected delays. I reach out to the carrier to ascertain the cause of these delays before passing on my detailed update to my customers, who are encouraged to know how on top of it I am. That’s the freight world — always a little crazy, but I have the resources I need here at Tallgrass.

I continue making calls to new leads with less urgency and more ambition. My goal is simply to get the name of the decision maker for each prospect, as well as an email to contact them by. If I can simply get a name to move the relationship forward, that’s a win worth celebrating!


4:30 PM – Wrapping Up + Prep for Tomorrow

I’ve exhausted my to-do list for today, so now is the perfect time to start outlining my plan for tomorrow: who to follow up with, what shipments will need my attention and what leads to engage. While there’s always more work to do, it’s time to pick up the kiddos — work-life balance matters, after all.

Looking at my plan for tomorrow, I’m excited to know it’s Friday. And that means the weekend is around the corner, when I’ll bring the family to Tallgrass’s annual Bounce House Bash with my family this weekend. It’s yet another opportunity for me to spend time with this community, and I can’t wait to grow my business even more in the coming months with Tallgrass.

As I look at the next week, I check in on the progress I’m making towards my sales goals. I have my eye on Club 200 for sure, and Diamond Club is my next target. (And Sean told me if I keep hustling, Elite Circle status will be well within reach!)


World-Class Support, Every Step of the Way

This is just a small snapshot of the Tallgrass Freight agent experience. While our freight agents may be spread out from coast to coast, they still feel part of a team because everyone is just a phone call or video chat away.

Supporting your business and helping you achieve the lifestyle you’ve always envisioned for yourself is our primary focus at Tallgrass. From the technology to the rewards programs to the people both in and out of the office, we are dedicated to helping you build a thriving freight career. Start a conversation with us today to learn how we can help you get there!