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Transforming Rewards in the Freight Industry

Since the day we opened our doors, we’ve approached the freight industry with an innovative mindset. And we’ve taken that same perspective with our innovative, unlike-anything-else freight agent rewards programs!

As the premier freight brokerage, recognizing the milestone accomplishments of our agents is always top of mind. Our culture is rooted in celebration, paired with a work hard, play hard mindset. So we ensure our agents are rewarded for their dedication in extraordinary ways!

Tallgrass Freight agents have access to three exclusive rewards programs: Club 200, Diamond Club and Elite Circle. Each one is even more epic than the last. These programs reflect our mission to represent the future of freight brokerages. We’re proud to provide travel incentives to our freight brokers and be THE destination company for top-tier agents who want to thrive! 


Club 200

Club 200

The structure of Club 200 is unique. Just like everything we do, it’s entrepreneurial and innovative. Club 200 recognizes agents who have generated more than $200,000 in gross profits during the calendar year. Year after year, we are thrilled to welcome a record number of agents into this program. In 2022, we celebrated with more than 80 people! This signifies exponential growth, from our first Club 200 with less than 20. What can we say? Our agents love Club 200!

The Club 200 2021 trip is a time to toast to the sales accomplishments of our top team members who bring success to life. We fly our agents who qualify for Club 200 and their plus-one out to Las Vegas, where they enjoy fine dining, exceptional shows, live music, world-class casinos, relaxing spas, shopping and more. In addition to the Sin City fun, all Club 200 inductees toast to achievements while enjoying a gourmet dinner and delicious drinks at the top of the Stratosphere, 800 feet above Vegas! 


Diamond Club TGF

Diamond Club

Iconic achievements call for iconic rewards. As Tallgrass grew and welcomed increasingly ambitious agents into our network, it was back to the innovation drawing board. Our Diamond Club program is a solution to that “our agents are just too amazing” challenge — and it’s the best kind of challenge we could ask for. Ambitious freight agents who earn $500,000 or more in gross margin in one year are inducted into our Diamond Club. This remarkable accomplishment deserves an outstanding reward — the kind of reward that can take you anywhere.

Agents who qualify for the Diamond Club will receive a $5,000 Delta Airlines travel voucher, as well as a $3,000 Marriott travel voucher. Paris? London? Sydney? Tokyo? It’s up to you! No matter where you’ve been dreaming of traveling, the Diamond Club will get you there.

In addition to the travel vouchers, our Diamond Club members are also invited to join Club 200 for our annual trip to Las Vegas.


Elite Circle

What do you do when your most driven agents reach Club 200 and Diamond Club? You establish the highest award tier, fit for the most epic freight brokers of all!

Awarded to the very upper echelon of freight professionals, the Elite Circle encompasses those who earn $1,000,000 or more in gross margin in one year. Launched to our freight brokers just over one year ago, Elite Circle members are awarded with an iconic trip to any event, anywhere around the globe. No fine print. No questions asked.

Tallgrass helps our agents in the Elite Circle check off a bucket list experience. In 2022, agents are planning once-in-a-lifetime trips to various destinations around the globe — including Qatar and Italy! That’s right. One of our Elite Circle freight brokers is bringing his entire freight team to attend the 2022 FIFA World Cup! The team will all get to witness the first ever World Cup held in the Middle East. Another Elite Circle member will get to take their ideal honeymoon in the Mediterranean and enjoy delicious cuisine, ancient ruins and art masterpieces. When we say once-in-a-lifetime experience, we truly mean it. 

We’re so excited for our Elite Circle members and can’t wait to hear all about their special trips across the world.  And of course, our Elite Circle joins us for our trip to Las Vegas! We’re not kidding when we say the best agents reap the best rewards.



Tallgrass provides back office support, agent development resources and state-of-the-art technology, but our agents work with tenacity, integrity and ambition to earn these unique rewards.

If these experiences sound like something you want in on, reach out to us about your future at Tallgrass Freight. We’re excited to cross something cool off your bucket list!