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Freight Agent Success Stories: Jake H. and Jacob C.

What’s it really like partnering with Tallgrass Freight as an independent freight agent? Our amazing, ground-breaking, goal-busting agents are here to say WHY we’re unlike any other freight broker you’ll find anywhere in the world. We’re all about our freight agents here — and that’s crystal clear when you hear exactly what our agents have accomplished with TGF’s support.

Freight agents Jake H. and Jacob C. are the co-owners and leaders of their independent freight agency. In just two years of working with Tallgrass, they’ve seen the size of their business triple. (That’s right: Triple.) Their book of business skyrocketed when they found their new home. 



What led them to TGF? It all started with wanting to go out on their own. Here, they found a hub of entrepreneurship and a back office team obsessed with helping business owners smash their goals. 

“From day one, everyone I’ve encountered has worn their heart on their sleeve,” Jake says. “It’s a breath of fresh air.” 

Seeing this transparent and truly helpful leadership struck Jake and Jacob from the very beginning. “The biggest thing that keeps me here is just the genuine agreement among leadership,” Jacob shares. “No one ever has anything bad to say about the leadership team.” 

This is especially evident every time the TGF leadership team has sprung into action to deliver support. Whether it was vetting candidates and sending resumes to help Jake and Jacob hire new team members or getting critical information at a crucial time, the TGF leadership team supported and empowered Jake and Jacob. 



“Just talk about someone who gives you the shirt off their back and makes you feel welcomed,” Jake adds, “there are so many situations where I’ve called and talked to David Barnes, TGF COO and co-owner, and he’s helped me out. Not only is it putting your money where your mouth is, but he also does what he says he’s going to do.” 

At TGF, we understand that the big and small things matter when growing your freight business. We’re here to help you do it all. 

Jake and Jacob also love TGF’s extraordinary Agent Roundtables. “To be able to consistently, year over year, collaborate with other owner agents that are going through the same problems,” Jake says, “the Roundtable has been fantastic.” 



Our Agent Roundtables are a mastermind-style weekend of food, friendship, fun and freight education you won’t find anywhere else. NO ONE ELSE in the freight ecosystem brings promising freight agents in town for sessions on wealth management and business building. Here you’ll find agents supporting agents as leading freight business owners share the secrets of their best strategies and answer your most challenging questions. Support like this makes building your own business like a cruise down the highway. 

“It’s incredible to have that knowledge and counsel as a small business,” Jacob relates. “Tallgrass creates a culture among agents of providing support for each other. It’s a really unique thing.”



Want to experience the extraordinary as an independent freight agent? Yours could be the next success story! Learn more about joining forces with TGF and become a part of our fantastic freight agent team