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Agent Development for Entrepreneurs

We put our entrepreneurial freight agents at the core of everything we do here at Tallgrass Freight, which is why we undoubtedly have the best team around. Continual investments in their success require access to ongoing career development opportunities! That’s why we bake coaching and mentorship into the core of our infrastructure, ensuring our agents are equipped with the knowledge and support they need.

But here, it’s more than your average career development. We focus on freight agent development for ENTREPRENEURS. Our efforts are driven not only to help you become the best freight broker you can be, but to BUILD the best freight agency. Being your own boss can be amazing, but it’s not without its challenges. Our freight agent program gives agents the autonomy to be their own boss and build their own books of business while having access to mentorship and coaching from freight veterans. 

Our dream at Tallgrass is to help our agents fulfill theirs. For this reason, we provide our entrepreneurial agents with everything necessary to achieve their ultimate lifestyle. Let’s explore how we achieve those dreams together with top-tier agent development opportunities. 


A One-of-a-Kind Development Team

Tallgrass Freight is proud to offer every entrepreneurial freight agent easy access to top-tier leadership, including our dedicated development team. That’s what you get when you bring your book of business to Tallgrass and join our agent network. 

Our leaders are experts in freight, and eager to empower and improve our team of agents with continuous agent development opportunities. Our freight brokers will never have to wait weeks to grab time on a C-suite leader’s calendar. That’s just not how we roll. (Mind-blowing, right?)

The TGF VP of Agent Development, Sean Richardson, is here to team up with agents and share valuable insights and relationship-building sales strategies with proven track records for success. And our Director of Agent Development, Chloe Marshall, makes sure our agents hit the ground running from day one.

Sean and Chloe equip agents with a blueprint for success, along with a guide to fast-track their success. Tallgrass even hosts monthly hands-on coaching seminars so agents are always finding new ways to grow their freight business.


Freight Education for Freight Entrepreneurs

In addition to personalized coaching, Tallgrass hosts twice-a-year Agent Roundtables to unite our ambitious agents in an environment of extraordinary learning, growth and connection. At this mastermind-style event, entrepreneurial freight agents enjoy a weekend of food, camaraderie and freight education. 

Our Roundtable speakers include some of the best financial and estate planning experts in the nation. As a freight entrepreneur, you’ll be taking home the big bucks, and it’s important to understand how to manage it!

With Q&A sessions and time to bond with freight colleagues, Agent Roundtable events are an insightful conversation for agents in any stage of business. “No one else in the freight agent world is doing this. We’re here to take better care of our agents than anyone else in the business,” says COO and co-owner David Barnes


Support to Empower Entrepreneurs

Dealing with billing issues or system errors is the last thing freight entrepreneurs should be worried about — they’re busy building an empire after all! With a laser-focused back-office team by your side, you won’t have to worry about unreachable IT and an uninformed office. 

Our administrative and operations team are always available for assistance. Plus, TGF’s tech team will ensure that every roadblock is resolved and you keep chugging along without a hitch. Goodbye inefficient, time-consuming obstacles. Hello, seamless workflows and uncapped potential. 

With a support system that’s dedicated to YOU, you’ll never suffer from a lack of assistance. That means you’ll be in control of your business and while enjoying the perks of being a business owner.

But don’t take our word for it. Hear what one of our freight agents, KT, has to say about how Tallgrass has supported him:

Damon has treated me not only with professionalism and an open arms approach from the start, but taken the time to pick up the phone and reach out to me on multiple occasions. That’s really huge for me! I’m thankful for the opportunity, the family-like atmosphere at TGF and all Tallgrass does! A special thanks to Sean and Chloe as well. Sean and I have felt like best friends from the first phone call we had. It’s the same for Chloe, and I appreciate our ongoing phone calls to collaborate. It’s felt like I’ve known the Tallgrass team for years as well. What a breath of fresh air TGF has been!


From our outstanding agent development opportunities to a support team tailored specially for freight agents, there’s no denying that we’re the best here at TGF. So don’t wait. Be part of a company that works hard and plays hard by joining the Tallgrass team today.