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Celebrating the One Year Anniversary of the Tallgrass CRM

One year ago, Tallgrass Freight Co. revealed a new innovative technology that has undoubtedly set us apart from the rest. Our groundbreaking CRM — built by freight experts, for freight experts — has established the new standard for freight technology. In just 365 days, our Tallgrass CRM has allowed us to support our freight agents unlike ever before. 

Tallgrass freight agents are the BEST in the logistics ecosystem. Period. And the best freight agents deserve a modernized, efficient experience to perform tasks quicker and more effectively. We’ve respectfully named our CRM “The Tallgrass Freight Cash Register,” because it has helped our agents make more money and exponentially grow their productivity! 

“The Tallgrass CRM isn’t just a tool that will make tasks more convenient now,” says David Barnes, COO and Co-Owner. “This is our future.”

The CRM was a future in which we invested $1 million in resources and 2.5 years building. And, looking back at the insurmountable success our agents have experienced with this technology, we’d make that investment over and over again.


A Streamlined Experience

Our freight CRM has allowed freight agents to scale their businesses completely stress-free. The simple-to-use technology empowers agents to establish their perfect work/life balance and work from anywhere, while still focusing on high-level initiatives.

The Cash Register was tailor-made with an intuitive booking system, customer reporting capabilities and easy accessibility to training, as well as resources surrounding customer onboarding, compliance, carrier information, timelines and much more. But it doesn’t stop there. 

Building the best freight tech also means providing the best tech support. Our in-house support team is always just a phone call away and ready to guide agents through CRM questions. Unlike other freight brokerages, we don’t have an outsourced IT department; we have in-house experts who always have freight brokers’ best interests in mind. Our agents receive support when they need it, because we believe in treating people like people.

A large majority of freight agent programs use off-the-shelf CRM systems or unorganized spreadsheets. With these pre-packaged CRMs, companies and freight brokers can only be as successful as the system’s capabilities. These subpar systems aren’t personalized and end up causing agents headaches and stunting career growth.

“Most brokerages have limited options for CRMs,” says Damon Anderson, Founder and CEO. “Knowing our CRM is built in-house and every dollar we spend is a return on investment is a big deal for us.”


We Never Stop Improving

When a company stops asking “What If,” they stop growing. That mindset drove the creation of our What If? Program. 

To stay the best, you have to keep improving. When an agent has an idea to improve our CRM, you bet we really listen to that idea. But listening is only the start. 

Agents are working within our CRM all day, every day. They all have specific tasks and responsibilities to take care of. So who is better equipped to help draw up the blueprint for a better tomorrow than our extremely talented team of freight agents?

When an idea lands on our CRM improvement roadmap, that team member earns a cash reward. And by “cash reward,” we definitely don’t mean a $5 coffee shop gift card. At TGF, we are always a little over the top. Any freight agent who submits an idea that lands on our innovation road map earns $100. 

“When a company stops innovating, they start dying. Our foundation is built on our team, and so we invest in our people and reward every win,” says David Barnes. “We have created an environment where people look forward to waking up and being part of this team each day. And we keep that culture strong by listening to our agents’ great ideas.”



With a custom-built CRM tailored specially for freight agents and programs designed to give agents a voice, there’s no denying that Tallgrass is the BEST there is. And this is only the beginning.

So, what are you waiting for? Be part of a company that works hard, plays hard and always puts agents’ needs first by joining the Tallgrass team today.