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The Evolution of Tallgrass Freight Co.

In 2022, we celebrated ten years of remarkable accomplishments, exponential growth, fantastic memories and our journey to becoming the best. Damon Anderson, Founder and CEO, brought Tallgrass Freight Co. to life ten years ago in a small Kansas farmhouse, and it was there he discovered the importance of trust and a strong culture.

With a dream to establish the kind of company he always wanted to work for, Damon took his one-person agency and built the foundation of what would become the premier freight brokerage in the logistics ecosystem only ten years later. 

Today, Tallgrass has established an award-winning culture by investing in the success of our agents and providing them with a family-oriented culture that can’t be found anywhere else. 

Let’s explore the full evolution of Tallgrass Freight Co., from 2012 to 2022.


The Evolution of Tallgrass Freight Technology

In 2021, Tallgrass revealed a first-to-market freight CRM that has undoubtedly set us apart from the rest. Our groundbreaking CRM — built by freight experts, for freight experts — has established the new standard for freight technology.

Our freight CRM has allowed freight agents to scale their businesses in a way that’s stress-free, and faster than ever before. The simple-to-use technology empowers agents to establish their perfect work/life balance and work from anywhere while still focusing on high-level initiatives.

This innovative technology was a future in which we invested $1 million in resources and 2.5 years of building. And today, seeing the uncapped success our agents experience with this technology, we’d make that investment over and over again.


The Evolution of Tallgrass Freight Rewards

Our first-class support goes way beyond a paycheck. So as our company evolved, so did our rewards programs. Our out-of-this-world rewards programs — Club 200, Diamond Club and the Elite Circle — show agents how much they are valued at Tallgrass Freight. 

“Our rewards programs were created to prove that we are not content with the status quo,” says Damon Anderson. 

Created in 2018 for top performers, Club 200 was structured with a unique approach. Instead of top-line revenue, we recognize agents’ gross profits on the revenue they generate. Agents who have produced more than $200,000 in gross margin during the calendar year join this influential group of entrepreneurs!

For this memorable experience, we fly our freight brokers and their plus-one out to the one and only Las Vegas! From five-star dining, live music and world-class shows, this Vegas weekend is always one for the books. And everyone looks forward to our celebratory gourmet team dinner at the top of the Stratosphere, 800 feet above Sin City!

But at Tallgrass, our agents are always pushing past their goals. So when our agents started surpassing Club 200, we evolved to create the Diamond Club. The Diamond Club rewards our ambitious agents who have earned $500,000 or more in gross margin! In turn, they each receive a $5,000 Delta Airlines travel voucher, as well as a $3,000 Marriott travel voucher. For these top earning agents, the destination is up to them. (And you bet they join us in Vegas too!)

Think our rewards programs end there? Think again. After all, we have the best brokers in the country here at Tallgrass Freight. As more agents surpassed Diamond Club, it was a fun problem to solve, and we created the Elite Cirlce. For extraordinary agents who earn $1,000,000 or more in gross margin in one year, a once-in-a-lifetime reward is in order. Tallgrass helps our agents in the Elite Circle check off a bucket list experience: a trip for two to any event, anywhere in the world. We’re talking World Cup, Northern Lights, a Broadway show, you name it!

We’re not kidding when we say our rewards are top-tier.


The Evolution of Tallgrass Freight Company Culture

The only way to be the best is to have the best culture, so we’ve spent the last 10 years fine-tuning the Tallgrass Freight way of life. From the start, we kicked office politics and favoritism to the curb. Those things have no place here at TGF. Instead, we’ve dedicated everything we have to building a culture so good it makes our team members excited to work each day. 

From a winning work-life balance and top-notch compensation packages to work-from-anywhere lifestyles and engaging events, you bet we’re proud of the culture we’ve established. 

Damon Anderson had a vision to create a company filled with the right people who treat each other the right way — and now, a decade later, we’re proud to still carry the same foundational values. “The culture has always remained the same. From throwing horseshoes outside to throwing a baseball in our warehouse!” Damon smiles. “Culture has always been at the forefront of our mind.” 


Never Stop Evolving

Success has always been in our blood — And the Tallgrass Freight team has accomplished so much in just ten years of being in business. To stay the best, you have to keep improving, and we plan to do just that.

Looking to continue evolving your own career with the Tallgrass team? We’re actively recruiting. Join our talented network of agents and take your freight career to new heights.