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Entrepreneurship at TGF: How Our Agents Reach New Heights

At most companies, “career support” for freight agents is lackluster. Yeah, we said it. Most professional development for freight brokers is disappointing, and even the very best professional development programs only build agents as individuals. But here at Tallgrass, we take professional development to a whole new level: an entrepreneurial level! 

Our professional development programs take things a huge step forward. Here at Tallgrass, we support our freight agents not only as professionals, but as ENTREPRENEURS. You read that right: we provide the tools and support to build the freight agency of your dreams. That’s what makes our agent support the best in the business.

The entrepreneurial setup of our freight agent program is also about a strong culture, uncapped earning potential and a commitment to a healthy work-life balance. The possibilities for achieving your desired lifestyle are limitless at TGF. 

Discover what being an entrepreneurial freight agent is all about when you’re part of an award-winning team of like-minded individuals. 


Fueling Your Ideal Lifestyle

Let’s be honest. Everyone has dreamed of what they would do if they had more time and money. For you, it may be traveling the world, having more flexibility with your work schedule or having the keys to your dream car. Regardless of how you define your dream lifestyle, one thing’s for sure: Being an entrepreneurial freight agent at Tallgrass can help achieve those goals.

The corporate world is full of changing compensation plans, a less-than-ideal work/life balance, office politics and an unsupportive executive suite. Basically, it’s the opposite of how we do things at Tallgrass. Here, we teach you how to build a business that can create the lifestyle you want.


The Support You Need to Build Your Business

We believe in support and collaboration — and that starts with treating people like people, and never like just another number. The Tallgrass leadership team is furnished with the mentorship, back-office assistance and innovative technology needed to help take our agents’ businesses to the next level.

Being your own boss often means juggling all facets of a business, but not when you’re part of our independent freight agent network. TGF agents can focus on high-level initiatives, and let the leadership team assist with billing and tech support. And because of the exceptional foundation of built in support, our agents get the opportunity to experience the kind of work-life balance that’s often impossible when you’re a solo entrepreneur. 


The Tallgrass Toolkit for Freight Entrepreneurs

Education is pivotal to success in both your personal and professional life. Remaining stagnant won’t help you achieve those big goals. In efforts to continue agent education, we invest heavily in our team through events like our Agent Roundtable

In addition to the learning opportunities provided at agent development events, our leadership team is composed of freight industry veterans, including our VP of Growth and Development, Sean Richardson, and our Director of Agent Development, Chloe Marshall. 

Sean and Chloe spend their days helping new agents build a blueprint for success, both during their first 90 days and far beyond. From planning and relationship-building to time management and communication, they equip new agents with the secrets to fast-track their freight agency and build their book of business to new heights. 

Another way we’ve invested heavily in our agents’ success is with our tailor-made freight CRM system. We’ve even named our proprietary system the “Tallgrass Freight Cash Register,” because it was created to help our agents make more money than ever and achieve the lifestyle they deserve. From robust customer reporting capabilities to easy accessibility to training and carrier information, our CRM is designed to streamline daily activities and offer agents cutting-edge technology to make their lives easier. When work is more efficient, there’s no limit to all you can achieve.


Our Roundtable Weekend

Our Agent Roundtable event, held twice a year, positions our high-potential freight agents to grow their businesses! At our Roundtables, agents hear from a panel of expert freight agents who grew their agencies to incredible heights. These agents, all at the top of their game, reveal how they hired teams to expand their agencies and shared the specific strategies that got them there. Nothing is off-limits! Agents leave with a playbook to grow their team.

Then there’s the financial planning component. Entrepreneurs need to know how to manage their assets, it’s that simple. So we bring in some of the nation’s top experts on wealth management and estate planning. Our freight agents learn what they need to grow not only their careers, but their businesses too.


Take the Leap

Our main focus has been — and will continue to be — implementing the support and resources needed to drive success for our entrepreneurial agents. Unlike most freight brokerages, we see the BIG picture and support not only you, but your business too.

Pursuing the entrepreneurial dream doesn’t have to be a solo journey. Unlike other brokerages, Tallgrass Freight offers mentorship, support and unparalleled resources for our agents to truly thrive. We’ve built an atmosphere that allows our freight agents to have the autonomy to build their own book of business while cultivating a successful future.

Ready to take the next step? Discover all you can achieve as an entrepreneurial freight agent at Tallgrass. Start a conversation with us today.