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How Tallgrass Freight Has Innovated Technology Support

Technology support can give your business serious lift. If you’re ready to take off and reach goals outside of the atmosphere, the team at TGF is here to give you the power to do that. Just consider us your very own launch team. 

Sound different from most in the freight ecosystem? Well, that’s because it is. While most companies pull an off-the-shelf CRM and leave the rest to chance, we’ve taken a truly INNOVATIVE approach to technology support. 

All too often, technology support in freight falls flat. You can bet that we’re not about that here. That’s why we crafted innovative technology support you won’t find anywhere else in the industry. (Groundbreaking, we know.) We’re always innovating with our agents in mind. 

What kind of out-of-this-world technology support can TGF freight agents expect? Take a look at what’s going to rocket your business to new heights. 


Dedicated In-House Support

We’re a family here at TGF, and that means you’ll never have to go it alone. Since our very start, we’ve invested in a world-class support team to give our agents everything we’ve got to support their exponential growth. 

When technology issues can mean the difference between delivery and delay, your support team means everything. That’s one reason why we’ve got an expert operations team, ready to support you. If you’re in Kansas City, your personal support team is here at our flagship office, prepared to jump on any issue at a moment’s notice. If you’re not, they’re only a phone call or email away and always here to help. 

Our tech team knows the freight industry inside and out, which is another way we’ve innovated support. Who better to deliver technology support to our freight agents than professionals who know the industry?

We know that the quicker your tech issues are solved, the quicker you’ll get back to business. That’s why you won’t find an out-of-the-loop, outsourced tech team here. Just real support from real people dedicated to your success.


Expertly-Crafted CRM

The norm when it comes to freight CRM is an off-the-shelf system that lacks necessary features and handles like a truck slogging through wet mud. When freight software is slow, so is your business. Time spent fighting through sub-par CRM is time wasted.

In 2021, we introduced an industry-changing CRM — crafted for freight agents by freight agents. Appropriately named the Tallgrass Freight Cash Register (because it helps our agents make more money!), this CRM keeps business moving fast and makes it that much easier to satisfy your customers. 

The Tallgrass Freight Cash Register was created with a complete understanding of what freight agents really need — unlike CRMs you’ll find elsewhere. What does that mean for freight brokers at TGF? It means doubled productivity and endless scalability. It’s easy to scale quickly without a million roadblocks in your way. That’s one more reason why our brokers are the best in the business.


Innovative Technology for Your Growth

Why do we care so much about delivering best-in-class technology and support? We do it with one goal in mind: to empower our agents. 

The more TGF freight agents can focus on expanding their business and quit sweating the small stuff, the faster they’ll be able to create the lifestyle they truly desire. We’re not here to add more stress to your plate. Our mission is to create an environment that encourages work/life balance. With every aspect of support you need right at your fingertips, that’s what you’ll find at TGF. 

What’s next for TGF? As we celebrate our first decade, you can bet it’s even more innovation. Our team is consistently committed to the growth and success of our agents at every turn. That means continuing to evolve technology to move faster than the speed of your competition. 



Want to experience innovated technology support that can skyrocket your success? Find out more about becoming an agent with Tallgrass Freight.