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What’s Next?: Looking Ten Years Into the Future

2022 marks a BIG milestone for the Tallgrass Freight team: it’s our 10 year anniversary! With a decade of growth and accomplishments under our belt, we couldn’t be more excited about what our future has in store. 

We are incredibly proud of our achievements over the past 10 years — and, of course, the dedicated team members and driven freight brokers who have helped us get here. As we look forward to what’s to come in the next decade, we are excited to welcome more agents, experience new levels of success and continue our reign at the top!


Furthering Innovation

At Tallgrass, innovation is crucial. In our quest to solve new challenges and gain fresh perspectives, we’ve brought our entrepreneurial spirit to the table in our first decade. And that’s one of our goals for the next decade: to continue furthering innovation in our next 10 years. 

In 2021, we released our freight CRM system, built for freight experts, by freight experts. But its release was only the beginning. “I am looking forward to the future development of our database,” says Damon Anderson, Founder and CEO, as he reflects on Tallgrass’s goals for the years to come. “We will continue making advancements to our CRM to further set us apart.”

In addition to technology, we’re innovating culture, agent development, support, compensation and more. Why? It’s simple. 

“When a company stops innovating, they start dying,” says co-owner and COO David Barnes. “We work hard, play hard and have created an environment where people look forward to waking up and being part of this team each day.”

Innovating freight rewards has always been at the top of our to-do list. Our agents deserve to be rewarded for their hard work, and our three rewards programs were created to recognize them in extraordinary ways. Each program is an innovation on the one before it. As we dive into the next 10 years, we’re ecstatic to invite more agents than ever before to our Club 200 event in Las Vegas and deliver more travel rewards to members in our Diamond Club and Elite Circle. “If you want more, we are going to shower you with more. We will show you, beyond a paycheck, that you’re special,” says Damon.


Welcoming New Agents

During the past 10  years, we’ve been grateful to provide a culture steeped in support and mentorship for our freight agents. From flexibility and work-life balance to great compensation and more, we have invested in our people, helping them to create thriving books of business — and we’re enthusiastic about welcoming new agents onboard. 

“I’m excited for the opportunities that are available for new agents, and to see whose life will change for the better,” says David Barnes. 


Investing in our Freight Agents’ Careers

In our next decade, we have big ambitions for helping our freight agents take home more money than ever before. Our commitment to taking care of our agents has earned us a spot on Inc. 5000’s list of fastest-growing private companies, and Kansas City Business Journal’s best places to work. Going forward, we’re eager to continue sweeping the awards, just like we’ve done in years past.

But a key driver behind our award-winning ways is our method of supporting our agents. Our freight agents own their own businesses, and we love providing the tools necessary to help them scale, scale, scale! Our Agent Roundtable event convenes our promising freight brokers for a mastermind weekend full of training. Agents learn everything from financial planning to how to hire a team.

Another way we invest in our agents is through ongoing coaching. Freight expert and VP of Growth and Development, Sean Richardson, partners with agents to provide valuable insights on everything from communicating with prospects and relationship-building to sales strategies and effective time management. Sean also holds monthly hands-on coaching seminars with agents to ensure they continually receive resources needed for positive growth. 


Cheers to the Next 10 Years!

From the moment Damon Anderson laid the foundation for the future, success has always been in our blood. In 2012, we set out to become the best freight brokerage and we’re proud to hold that title only 10 years later!

Looking to be part of the best? Join our talented team of agents and take your freight career to new heights. We’re ready to take on the future with you on board!