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Is Becoming a Freight Agent Worth It? Hear it From Our Agents.

Before joining Tallgrass, lots of freight professionals wonder: Is becoming a freight agent worth it? Hear it straight from our agents — The answer is an overwhelming YES!

If you’ve ever experienced one of those ‘aha’ moments, when it all clicks and you know you’ve made the right decision, you know what a lightbulb moment feels like. It’s that feeling of confirmation, that internal lightbulb that illuminates when they realize they’re not just punching the clock but building something meaningful? Purposeful. Well, at Tallgrass, these lightbulb moments are as common as coffee breaks. It’s our thing! 

Let’s take a look at reasons why choosing Tallgrass is certainly worth it, backed by our freight agent’s own lightbulb moments. 


Financial Freedom Is Not Just a Pipe Dream

Close your eyes and picture your ideal lifestyle. What do you see? Sending your kids to college sans student loans? A vacation home by the beach? However you define success, Tallgrass can help you get there. 

There’s no “ceiling” here. We believe our agents should earn what they deserve. From high splits to generous sales incentives, our goal is to help you maximize your earning potential and have some fun while doing it. Oh, and to be clear, you don’t have to choose between financial success and a healthy work-life balance either.  

As freight agent Maclain shares, “The autonomy and self-management aspects are what drew me in. Previous employers had sold me on the concept of freedom, yet they never delivered on it like Tallgrass has. Here, you dictate your work schedule, and there’s no cap or limit to what you can achieve.”

Echoing Maclain, freight agent Jeff also believes Tallgrass offers an unparalleled opportunity to achieve financial success without sacrificing work-life balance – something he simply couldn’t find elsewhere. “I have balance with my family, which is huge to me. I want to be with my kids and my wife. But I also make really, really good money.”

The numbers don’t lie. Becoming an independent freight agent can be truly lucrative. And that means owning your own freight business is definitely worth it!


Support & Development To Help You Thrive

Is becoming a freight agent worth it? When you have the right support, it absolutely is! And support is our middle name here at Tallgrass. We treat people like people. Period. We live and breathe this sentiment, actively investing in our agents by weaving mentorship, support, and professional development into everything we do. 

“Anything can happen in this industry — you may have a carrier holding a load hostage — and you have access to mentorship and professional guidance whenever a hiccup occurs,” agent Cyprian shares. “This team does a great job of ensuring we’re equipped with everything we need to succeed and provide for our customers.”

We’ll always help you weather any hurdles or headaches that may crop up. But we also take it a step further. We continuously strive to empower our agents via professional development opportunities, from quarterly forums and our annual Roundtable event to weekly check-ins designed to fuel your growth. 


Boss Mode: Be the Architect of Your Future

For those who love to flex their entrepreneurial-minded muscles, building your own independent freight agency is an epic opportunity — from the autonomy of being your own boss to the chance to create the career and lifestyle you’ve always envisioned for yourself. 

Freight agent Jacob agrees that being your own boss make freight agent life absolutely worth is. “The beauty of business ownership is there is no one telling you what to do or how to do it. At other agency programs, there are restrictions. But at Tallgrass, you get a blank canvas for how you want to create your agency.”

And the best part? You don’t have to embark on the journey alone. “I wanted to build something that was my own, that I could be proud of,” agent Tyler shares. “And to have that aspiration supported and backed by a company like Tallgrass was absolutely surreal! From the technology and back-office capabilities to the CRM and extensive resources, it really empowered me to go for it.”

Is becoming a freight agent worth it? When you’re your own boss, it truly is the best of both worlds. Our agents enjoy all the perks of business ownership while having access to invaluable support – whether that be via leadership or their fellow colleagues.


Superior Back Office Support to Elevate Your Success

We don’t mind doing a little humble bragging where it’s warranted, and our back-office support team certainly deserves their moment in the spotlight. From administrative needs and carrier relations to collections and tech support, our back office team is there to lend a helping hand, allowing agents to focus on high-level activities like revenue growth and nurturing customer relationships. This makes freight entrepreneurship absolutely worth it, as you’ll have the best back office in the business ready to partner with you.

Speaking about our world-class team, agent Garrett says “They’re really responsive and very quick. Their guidance with different claim processes, pulling insurances, DOT setups – things like that – is incredibly helpful for making any changes we need on the fly. They also do a great job of supporting us and ensuring we have everything we need to succeed.”


More Than a Job: Our Company Culture

When considering a new job, it’s crucial to consider company culture. After all, the culture can make all the difference in if becoming a freight agent is worth it or not. Here at Tallgrass, our culture and our people are the lifeblood of our company. 

As part of the Tallgrass independent freight agent network, you’ll be surrounded by the BEST – a.k.a. hard-working, like-minded, and tenacious freight agents who work hard and play harder. From our Club 200 trip to Sin City and Splash Bash to sales competitions and our financial coaching program, we uplift our people and celebrate their wins. Why? Spoiler alert: we genuinely care. “At other brokerages,” agent Sherron says, “it seems they just want you to bring them money. Here, they want you to bring your personality, your ideas, and your thoughts. It’s very welcoming.”

Office politics? Not our thing. Colleagues pitted against each other? Not here. This a family-like atmosphere where collaboration, sharing strategies, and camaraderie are the norm. “Among agency-based programs, it’s hard to have everyone feel like they’re on the same team,” Jacob shares. “Everyone is off on their own, doing their own thing. It can feel lonely. But Tallgrass has done a great job of actually creating a culture among agents where they support each other. It’s a unique thing. Tallgrass has been a breath of fresh air. The grass genuinely is greener here, and nothing is too good to be true.”


Discover Your Tallgrass Lightbulb Moment

Tallgrass has everything you need to build an incredible book of business and do it your way! And that makes becoming a freight agent absolutely worth it. “Being an agent at Tallgrass has been life-changing for me, and my family,” agent Tom says. “It has catapulted my career in sales as an individual agent to stages that I didn’t know I could get to, stages that I didn’t know existed. It’s a very gratifying role.”

Interested in learning more about what a freight career could look like with Tallgrass? Contact our recruiting team to find out more!