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What You Lose When You Don’t Partner with Tallgrass

The freight agency you choose to partner with will completely alter the quality of your life both personally and professionally. Sounds dramatic? Maybe. But we’ve seen it first-hand. The right partner can elevate your life in so many ways. If you’re already working with a freight brokerage, you understand what we’re talking about from first-hand experience!

The right freight broker program is about so much more than compensation (although it doesn’t hurt to actually earn what you deserve). It’s about support, culture, rewards, training, benefits and so much more.

Whether you’re looking for your very first freight broker program or are burned out with your current agency, Tallgrass Freight has the best company culture and perks of any option out there. Don’t believe us? Just ask our freight agents! If you choose not to partner with Tallgrass Freight, here’s what you’ll be missing out on.


User-friendly Integration

We pride ourselves on a high-quality and ultra user-friendly CRM that our freight brokers love. In fact, our CRM is so good, you can be booking freight as quickly as your very first day!

When you don’t partner with Tallgrass, who knows how much time you’ll lose waiting to get rolling?

When Emily W. first joined Tallgrass, she packed six hours of training into that first day and had loads to do to start building out her business. Despite this, she was surprised at how quickly she got up and running. “I was booking and covering loads that afternoon through the CRM,” Emily says. “It’s very user-friendly.”

Before coming to Tallgrass, Emily had worked in the office side of freight brokering, helping others book freight rather than working for herself. Even so, she had to deal with a clunky, outdated system that involved several manual codes just to complete simple data entry tasks. “It wasn’t integrated into the rest of the system like Tallgrass is,” she reflected.

Our fully-integrated approach also gives our freight agents 100% transparency, letting them see everything front and back and have all the information they need right at their fingertips. And if anything is missing or not functioning as efficiently as possible, we love listening to the insights of our brokers to learn how we can improve their experience. Every voice matters at Tallgrass, from the newest agent to back-office support to the leadership team.


Complete Autonomy

We’re not just in the freight business for our own benefit like some brokerages. We actually care about your success for your sake! That’s why all of our freight agencies have full independence and autonomy over how they run their business as 1099 contractors rather than W-2 employees.

When you don’t partner with Tallgrass, you only have so much control over your book and your day. Having worked with other freight brokerages before coming to Tallgrass, KT knows the difference true autonomy can make.

“As opposed to other brokers I’ve seen wanting to really keep you under their thumb, Tallgrass wants to see you succeed and help you grow, recognizing the more you grow, the more it benefits you as well as the company,” he says. When you come to work with Tallgrass, you own your book of business, and we’ll never try to take that from you—even if you leave.

Beyond ownership of their books of business, we want our freight agents to feel free to build their agencies however they see fit . . . and run them with that same flexibility and freedom. KT currently has one team member, but hopes to grow from there to a small team with a few members. Some Tallgrass agents have large teams, while others run a solo business.

Not only do our brokers decide how they structure their business, they also choose exactly how and when they work. “I set my own hours and pace on how everything works,” Emily says. “This is 100% different from anything I’ve done.” KT has similar feelings about working with Tallgrass, as it enables him to work from home every day, spending more time with his family rather than in an office or cubicle. In his words, “You can’t put a price tag or comparison on that.”


Unbeatable Benefits

Just because you’re not legally an employee doesn’t mean we won’t take care of you! Emily was pleasantly surprised when she discovered that Tallgrass would provide her with high-quality insurance. “I didn’t think that I could even get insurance working at an agency!” she says.

Of course, our benefits don’t stop there — not even close! Our agents also get:

  • Competitive compensation with a top notch split
  • Dental and vision coverage
  • An elite, competitive rewards program
  • Fee-free startup
  • Access to expert financial, tax planning and wealth management services
  • And so much more!


Supportive, Family Atmosphere

We’re not just being sentimental when we describe Tallgrass Freight as a family. We all genuinely care about each other’s personal happiness and professional success, from the leadership all the way over to the back-office support. And especially in today’s tumultuous freight market, who couldn’t use support?

“It really feels like there are people on the back end that are pulling for you and rolling in the right direction,” shares KT. “It’s a really unique atmosphere they’ve created where there is a family but also professionalism and a really great place to build your own book of business.”

This family atmosphere extends to agent-to-agent relationships as well! Our agents love supporting and cheering one another on, even as they enjoy some friendly competition (because what family isn’t at least a little bit competitive?) “It’s not about the money,” KT reflects. “That’s all great, but people actually reaching out and emailing you, ‘Hey, great job,’ or ‘Glad to have you on the team.’ It’s consistent. It’s not just at Christmas time.”


Ready to Build Your Business Your Way?

We get it. Leaving your established freight agency where you’ve spent years building up your book of business seems daunting. Saying yes to Tallgrass Freight means saying no to something else. But a lot of what you’re saying no to is worth it.

  • You’re saying NO to an agency that cares more about the bottom line than you as a person.
  • You’re saying NO to salary caps and limitations on your growth.
  • You’re saying NO to long days in a dreary office on a beautiful summer day.
  • You’re saying NO to outdated CRMs and zero back office support.
  • You’re saying NO to stress-filled days working to fill someone else’s pocketbook.

It’s time to leave the amateur hour behind and actually uncover your potential as a freight agent! As KT put it, “You just gotta jump in. You gotta pull the bandaid off because that scab is going to be worse down the road.”


Ready to take the leap? Contact us to find out what it’s really like to join the TGF family.