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An Inside Look at Tallgrass Freight Co.

Let’s not beat around the bush: you’ve done the work to build your book of business, and now you’re looking for the best freight agent program in the nation to take it to the next level. We think you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for (and so much more!) right here at Tallgrass, where the best of the best come to thrive.

Need a little more convincing? Here are four ways Tallgrass is a cut above the rest.


We Elevate Your Business

Sure, you can go it alone with your freight business, but when you take the solo route, you’re only going to lose. Here, you gain: We’re here to help so you can keep booking freight your way while we handle the day-to-day administrative tasks that can bog you down. Let our back office take care of the busywork, like carrier invoices, accounts receivable and other filings so you can focus on your current loads and selling even more freight!

To keep things running smoothly, our robust CRM is constantly improving to keep you at the forefront of freight booking technology. And it doesn’t take months of training to figure out!


We Won’t Slow You Down

Freight is an extremely fast-paced industry, and we’re not interested in slowing you down with extensive onboarding or delayed response times. Our onboarding is so expedient, you can hit the ground running as soon as 24 hours after signing with Tallgrass! Plus, our award-winning team is available to help whenever you need it, with guaranteed email replies within an hour. Even our CEO responds within 90 minutes to every freight agent!


We Provide Unparalleled Compensation

We know it’s not all about the money — but there’s no shame in wanting to make as much as possible, and you’ve more than earned it! Our compensation comes with an incredibly high split plus access to comprehensive benefits and competitive rewards to keep you at the top of your game.

Curious to learn more about financial freedom at Tallgrass? Check out our latest e-book!


We Support Each Other

Just because this is your career doesn’t mean it’s all work and no play. While we enjoy a little friendly competition, we also cultivate an environment of support and collaboration among our family of freight agents. This company culture is what truly sets Tallgrass apart, bringing our agents together from all across the country to talk freight strategies and expand their horizons in the world of freight.

Ever felt lonely as an entrepreneur? Here, you’ll gain that camaraderie that helps you keep moving forward on tough days, and propels you forward faster when you’re at your best. 


Learn Why the Best Come Here to Thrive

A truly holistic freight career is all about what you gain. It’s about gaining the flexibility to live the life you desire professionally and personally. It’s about gaining connections in the freight industry that can help your business grow, and gaining a strong support to lean back on that can scale right alongside you. It’s about partnering the right freight brokerage to help you pursue your dreams in and out of the office.

At Tallgrass, we care about our agents as people, not just the business they bring in. This is a level of care and support you simply won’t find anywhere else. Get to know the Tallgrass difference and, when you’re ready to join us, give our team a call.