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By the Numbers: What Growth Looks Like at Tallgrass

What does growth really look like at Tallgrass Freight? When our leadership team meets with potential freight agents, that’s a common question. What’s the timeline of growth? From day one, what does the earning potential look like? 

We’ve crunched the numbers to show you what year-over-year growth looks like as a TGF freight agent, and how that success ties into the company culture we’ve built. Here, we often say that the sky is the limit — and these metrics show precisely why that’s true.

While we’re tempted to spend a few minutes tooting our own horn, we think we’ll let the numbers do the talking.


Customer Revenue Growth at Tallgrass Freight

So, what does year-over-year customer revenue growth look like at TGF? On average, agents see a 50% yearly increase in customer revenue. Broken down by year, here’s the average Tallgrass agent’s timeline of growth:

155% YOY from the first to second year

164% YOY from the second to third year

130% YOY from the third to fourth year

Pretty mindblowing, right?

We don’t just talk the talk: we back it up with tangible actions. How does growth like this come to life? We invest heavily in providing our agents with the tools and support needed to build thriving businesses. Support and collaboration are baked into our DNA here at Tallgrass (sorry, not sorry!). And a huge piece of that equation lies in the tremendous work and dedication of our back-office leadership team

“I’ve really grown to appreciate the leadership,” shares agent Jake H. “It starts at the top, from Damon and Dave. They wear their hearts on their sleeves, and it’s a breath of fresh air. I love the culture they provide and all the back office support they give us as an agency.”

Our dedicated support team provides the infrastructure, foundation, and guidance our freight agents need to push the needle forward and achieve higher levels of success. Similarly, we created a custom-built CRM – the TGF Cash Register – to help our agents make more money, better serve their customers and minimize unnecessary busy work. We designed these resources to take the cumbersome stuff off your plate. 


Load Growth at Tallgrass Freight 

Let’s talk load growth. After all, loads are the building blocks of a freight broker’s book of business. Here’s what the average Tallgrass agent experiences, year-over-year, for load growth:

135% YOY from the first to second year

121% YOY from the second to third year

125% YOY from the third to fourth year

Ongoing growth and continuing education initiatives are a big piece of ensuring our agents thrive (and, of course, score that golden paycheck). From our Agent Roundtable event to tools agents need to expand their team (yes, that includes helping with job postings and even onboarding assistance too), the goal is to help our agents reach higher levels of success. And we’ve seen just that with our average year-over-year load growth of 27%. 

Wondering how our agents are rewarded for their hard work? At the heart of our culture is an environment defined by celebrating each win. We never shy away from the opportunity to reward individual accomplishments via financial perks and sales incentives. We’ve structured our three sales programs – Diamond Club, Club 200 and Elite Circle – to emulate the entrepreneurial and innovative spirit of our company culture while delivering the best rewards program in the business. Work hard, play hard: that’s how we do it here at Tallgrass.


Margin Growth at Tallgrass Freight 

Here at Tallgrass Freight, achieving financial freedom is not just a pipe dream, it’s a reality. 

How’s this for impressive? We see about a 55% yearly increase in total margin dollars. When we delve a bit deeper into the total margin dollars, we found:

156% YOY increase from the first to second year

160% YOY increase from the second to third year

147% YOY from the third to fourth year

And the numbers speak for themselves: agents are enjoying a 2.5% increase in margin percentage after four years! On average, the first few years look like this:

97% YOY from the first to second year

101% YOY from the second to third year

119% YOY from the third to fourth year

Capped commission? Not here. An insanely intricate payout structure? No, thanks. Instead, we provide agents with the opportunity to be their own bosses and continuously grow their books of business. After all, we want you to achieve the lifestyle you’ve always envisioned for yourself. 

Speaking to the entrepreneurial opportunity here at Tallgrass, agent Tyler H. shares “I wanted to build something that was my own, that I could be proud of. And to have that aspiration supported and backed by a company like Tallgrass was absolutely surreal! From the technology and back-office capabilities to the CRM and extensive resources, it really empowered me to go for it.” 


While dollars are always important, our freight agent program is also about a strong culture, a family-like environment, and a commitment to work-life balance. And when you pair that with the enticing perks and uncapped commission we offer, the possibilities for achieving your desired lifestyle are limitless. 

Ready to get started? Join the Tallgrass team today!