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The Tallgrass Difference: Training And Agent Development

In most brokerages, being independent means going at it alone. However, Tallgrass Freight isn’t just any other brokerage. We offer our agents the BEST of the BEST coaching, mentorship and agent development. With each insight unlocked and strategy gained in training and development, you’ll be closer to knocking out your most meaningful goals. That’s what we’re here for. 

TGF agents can find constant support to grow their brokerage from our all-star team. Is ongoing training and development uncommon? Of course! But are we uncommon? Same answer: Of course! We consistently aim to lift up our agents, helping drive success in many ways. 

Here’s what can’t-believe-it-till-you-see-it, outrageously supportive training and development looks like at Tallgrass Freight. 



Instant Expert Support

Why wait to grow your book of business? At TGF, you’ll get expert advice and insight from your first month on the job. Our newest agents start with weekly one-on-ones with VP of Growth & Development Chloe Marshall. These meetings focus on intentionality and strategy. Conversations include incoming leads and the obstacles that are in your way. Before long, you’ll have an exact action plan of how you will take down what’s in your way and fast-track yourself to your next goal. 

Why are these calls so powerful? Our team has been in your shoes. Chloe knows what it’s like to  be the one making over 100 calls a day to build business. She’s done cradle-to-grave freight. She’s here to be your sounding board, voice of reason and key encouragement. 

In these strategy sessions, you’ll identify new opportunities and get a better perspective on your stats so far. Rather keep your head down and get to work? You can do that too. No hand-holding and no roadblocks. If you’re an industry veteran and you’re happy grinding it out, go for it. These meetings are what you make of them. Whatever your goals, we’ll go the extra mile to help you reach them. 

These agent development calls can be used for whatever you need most to grow your business. Whether figuring out the additional support you need or fine-tuning the process, the best part of having your own coach and mentor is having things personalized for you!



Fully Invested Leadership

In most businesses, it’s doubtful that you’ll be able to grab one-on-one time with the CEO whenever you like it. Best-case scenario, you’ll have to book a call three months from today. 

But of course, TGF isn’t any old business. 

Here, our freight agents will never have to wait weeks to have a conversation with our leaders. Agents come first and we’re all here for you!

From President Sean Richardson to CEO Damon Anderson, you’ll get the chance to connect professionally and personally. How many freight agents get to say they’re good friends with their CEO? At TGF, it’s our agents’ joy to have this special connection.

Our leadership team sees you for who you are. A real person! Trust us. You won’t be just another number here. No matter how big we grow, you’ll always have someone in your corner with TGF. End of story. That’s how we roll. 

Now just imagine what you’ll be able to accomplish with access to leadership expertise. Learning from their journeys in establishing books of business firsthand and getting insight into their long-term strategies? That is a game-changer. 


Agent roundtable group


Extraordinary Agent Roundtables

Can’t get enough of the insane support and opportunity at TGF? Just wait till you hear about our twice-a-year Agent Roundtable. Picture this: You, your freight colleagues and a mastermind-style weekend of food, fun and freight education. It doesn’t get better than this when it comes to agent development. 

In just a short amount of time, you’ll take an enormous leap forward when it comes to learning, growth and connection. Learning from the finest freight expert and some of the best financial and estate planning experts, you’ll learn how to bring home the bacon and manage it! 

It’s no secret that no one else in the freight world is doing this. But hey, that’s why COO David Barnes says we’re here to take care of our agents more than anyone else in the business. Ready to join the team?



Grabbing Your Goals with TGF

So why do we get so excited over training and agent development? Because it’s all about achieving your goals — whatever you decide they are. You dream of what you want your business to look like. We help you get there.  

It’s about time you joined the best brokerage in the business. Learn more about becoming a TGF agent now.