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What Freight Agents Gain From the Agent Roundtable

At Tallgrass Freight, you can bet on the fact that everything we do is for our agents. From our outstanding culture to million-dollar CRM and insane rewards, considering our agents and their needs is at the core of each and every step we take. Why? Because we know the only way to become the best freight brokerage in the country is to do it for and with our agents. And that very spirit is behind our Agent Roundtable.

Not just any freight agent is eligible to attend the Roundtable. We bring our most ambitious agents together. These agents have a growth mindset and have reached important milestones with their book of business.

We are proud to host this mastermind-style event twice a year, inviting our driven agents to Kansas City to grow and learn so they can put their best foot forward in the freight business. It’s a weekend we always look forward to — and the October 2022 Agent Roundtable lived up to its reputation!


Agents Tallgrass Freight Roundtable 2022 Fall


We welcomed TGF agents once again from across the U.S. to enjoy a Roundtable weekend of amazing food, friends and freight education. From an exciting happy hour at Chicken n Pickle Kansas City to a delicious dinner at Bristol, the weekend was full of camaraderie and connections. 

Of course, in addition to fun, our Agent Roundtables are designed so our agents walk away with effective, game-changing strategies. With our friends at Mariner Wealth Advisors, agents gained access to financial training and expert mentors to set the stage for their personal wealth goals. We see this education as essential, because no matter how much you’re making, if you don’t know what to do with investments, tax planning, insurance or trusts, you can fall between a rock and a hard place. And here at TGF, agents are bringing home top dollar — so it’s crucial to know how to invest it wisely!




With expert financial planners at their side, TGF agents learned how to best invest the money they’re earning, how to handle market volatility and play the long game, how employees impact various investment strategies and more. We even dug into difficult questions around estate planning and trusts to ensure loved ones are always cared for. While these topics aren’t necessarily all about freight, we know they’re all about our agents. And we care about our agents above and beyond the work they do. That’s why we like to call TGF a family. 

One of the coolest things we get to do at Agent Roundtables is learn from each other. During our Agent Panel, experienced freight agents take the stage to share insights, answer questions and offer encouragement. These are agents who have hired employees and grown agencies to remarkable levels. What strategies really work when it comes to growing your book of business? How do you successfully work with employees? Here, agents get to ask the experts. No question is off the table!




This October, our agents uncovered how to know when it’s time to start hiring, how to structure the onboarding process and build an effective team. They learned what traits and skills to look for in an ideal team member and what tasks to delegate, and walked away with a build-your-team blueprint. In addition, participants discovered how to embrace business growth and make a plan for scaling successfully. By hearing a number of honest agent experiences, everyone was able to take away strategies for growth and incredible encouragement from agents who’ve been there before. 

This kind of learning is huge for our agents and that’s why we’re so thrilled to host the Agent Roundtable each time it comes around. Will you join us next time? 




Every investment we make in TGF’s independent agents is an investment in the success of our team as a whole. We’re here to lift each other up and cheer each other on as we march toward our biggest, most outlandish goals. Become a part of the TGF family where you and your aspirations matter. We’re excited to welcome you! Learn more now