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Summer at Tallgrass

Here at Tallgrass, we know what a big role our company’s culture plays in our success and future. At the heart of Tallgrass Freight Co. is a supportive company culture within an environment that celebrates and rewards our agents and their accomplishments. Over the past 10 years, we’ve worked hard to create a family-oriented culture with a focus on our team’s work-life balance, and summer is when this really comes to life! See what summer looks like as part of the TGF team.


The Tallgrass Splash Bash

What would summer be without family time? As a part of our year-long efforts to connect, our summer celebrations are just one way we like to show appreciation and support to our hardworking agents. This year, we’ve decided to beat the heat and do something a little different from our norm. For this year’s summer celebration, we cooled off and chilled out at our Summer Tallgrass Splash Bash 2023!

The new annual Splash Bash was held at Thomas A. Soetaert Aquatic Center in Shawnee, close to our flagship office outside of Kansas City. As we gathered together for a great Saturday, freight agents, our back office team and their guests enjoyed hours of water slides, lazy rivers, concessions and all the fun of relaxing and playing at the pool!

It’s because of joyful childhood memories that the annual Tallgrass summer celebrations came to be. Damon Anderson, Founder and CEO of Tallgrass Freight Co., remembers growing up attending large family get-togethers that always included his grandfather’s co-workers. 

Because the shop workers were seen as an extension of his family, Damon was inspired to create an event that is all about coming together as family, promoting a company culture that encourages employee engagement and connection. So this annual summer event gives everyone the opportunity to connect with each other outside of work and strengthen the kind of team-building relationships that we want to foster. Activities like the Summer Splash Bash improve collaboration and encourage employees to get to know each other on a personal level. 


The TGF Softball Team

We believe a strong company culture should extend beyond the office walls. Engaging in company events, showing camaraderie and support among fellow employees, and participating in industry activities showcase our company’s values and commitment to making a positive impact on our employees and the freight industry. Enter: The TGF softball team!

Open to any TGF team member in the Kansas City area, our team has had a lot of fun playing against others in the area! But even more fun, we’ve loved seeing team members come as spectators too. There’s no better place to spend a summer evening than the ballpark!


Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is important 365 days a year, but it’s of special significance during the summer. For our freight agents, it’s all about creating the career you want for your lifestyle. Our agents can work from our flagship office outside Kansas City — but with our groundbreaking freight CRM, there’s no need to be tethered to a desk. Our agents can work from anywhere, coast to coast. And they can set their own schedule too, which makes sun-soaked summer vacations a joy instead of a headache. 

Engaging in family fun events like the Tallgrass Splash Bash is an essential part of our culture, but supporting a truly family-oriented atmosphere is at the center of our company values. That’s why we strive to provide an environment dedicated to the innovation of work-life balance that includes top compensation, rewards, and a lifestyle that allows agents to work from anywhere. 

We’ve set the standard to invest in our people each and every day. In addition to our ongoing efforts to recognize the achievements of our agents, our team-building activities and events contribute to our strong company culture and future success. Whether it’s a team lunch, an off-site gathering, or a friendly competition, these activities help build a sense of community and belonging, which is one reason why Tallgrass Freight is the best freight broker around.

Promoting positive company culture is the driving force behind any successful organization. The Summer Tallgrass Splash Bash is just one way for us to gather together and encourage a strong company culture that attracts and retains top talent, drives employee satisfaction and ultimately leads us into a brighter future


Empowerment, support, and genuine fulfillment — you won’t find this anywhere else. Start a conversation with us today, and become an independent freight agent with Tallgrass Freight Co.