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How the First 10 Years Sets the Stage for the Next Decade

2022 marked a BIG milestone for the Tallgrass Freight team — It was our 10-year anniversary! And while it’s been joyful to look back, it’s even more exciting to look FORWARD. Because with a decade of remarkable growth and accomplishments officially under our belt, we couldn’t be more excited about what our future has in store. 

We will never stop celebrating our achievements from the past ten years, and of course, the dedicated team members and driven freight brokers who have helped us get here. 

As we look forward to what’s to come in the next decade, we are exploring how our first decade has set the stage for our next ten years in business — and let us be the first to say, the bar is set high.


Our First-Class Executive Team

Since day one, our focus has always been on our people. In every season, we’ve bolstered our leadership team to assemble a group of people who we humbly call our “Dream Team.” The professionals at the helm of Tallgrass Freight Co. today are driven, talented and dedicated, and their expertise means success for the future.

“It is obvious today that we have the right people who are helping lead our constant growth,” says Founder and CEO, Damon Anderson. We’re a team of dedicated, driven individuals who collaborate, treat each other with respect and share a goal of building something remarkable.

Leading our Dream Team is our recently-appointed President, Sean Richardson. With the recent addition of the Tallgrass Freight President role, Tallgrass will continue to break barriers and reimagine the future of freight. Sean is excited to oversee the structure of the company and concentrate on building an environment fit for everyone.

“In the first ten years, through thick and thin, we’ve built an incredible executive team. We couldn’t have achieved this alone, and I’m excited to see the continued evolution of the executive team,” says COO and Co-Owner, David Barnes, about the Dream Team. “With the right people, we can continue to flourish and grow. If there was ever a time to let the next generation take the lead with Tallgrass, it’s now.”


Our Blueprint for Continued Success

In our quest to solve new challenges and gain fresh perspectives, we’ve brought our entrepreneurial spirit to the table in our first decade. And that’s one of our goals for the next decade: to continue furthering innovation in the next 10 years. 

We have big plans to continue reimagining freight culture, agent development, support, compensation, technology and more. “The goal for Tallgrass Freight is not only to be in a strong position for 2023, but for the next ten years,” Sean Richardson says. 

“We have created a template for how things can be done in the company,” says Damon about our goals to coach freight agents to greater success than ever. “Agency building is the next template we’re creating, and over the next year this should open up opportunities to take Tallgrass to the next level.”

By establishing blueprints for the future, we’re enthusiastic about welcoming new agents onboard. “I’m most looking forward to seeing new names and faces. Every year, I look back and just smile because there is someone new that comes to Tallgrass and succeeds,” says Damon. “I really enjoy watching their journey of becoming thriving business owners.”


Cheers to the Next Ten Years!

“Damon and I have big plans within the company,” Dave says. “We have agents who are growing bigger than ever. We are building organizations within organizations.” As our agents chase their biggest goals, we’ll be right behind them — doing everything possible to bring those goals to life.

We’re ready to take on the future with you on board! Looking for a team that’s supportive, secure, stable and proven? We’re creating something extraordinary here at TGF. And for experienced freight agents who are hungry to grow, it’s an ideal time to jump in and be the latest edition to this dream team. We’re actively recruiting freight agents. Reach out to Tallgrass Freight today.