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10 Things Our Freight Agents Are Thankful For

As we give thanks and express gratitude for the success our team of freight agents have experienced, we’re also celebrating our tenth anniversary as a freight brokerage! Ten years of stability, growth, rewards, awards and much more! While there are a multitude of reasons to be thankful, our agents are shedding light on THEIR top 10. 

During this season of gratitude, our freight agents are reflecting on exactly why they’re so grateful to be part of the best freight brokerage in the country.


10 | Competitive Compensation and Benefits

At Tallgrass, agents receive the compensation and benefits they deserve. Our compensation program empowers our team to continuously aim higher (because we don’t believe in commission caps)! “The freedom I have as an agent has allowed me to be there for my family, and the compensation has allowed me to maximize my time and efforts,” says freight broker Cori B. “I couldn’t be happier to be here, and I look forward to years ahead.”

Our philosophy will always be this: If agents are willing to put in the work, Tallgrass will work hard for them too. That’s why we offer access to benefits, including health, dental and vision insurance. “I am thankful to have the TGF health benefits extended to us for our health and safety,” says freight agent Max H. 


9 | Continuous Learning Opportunities

We offer our agents the BEST coaching, mentorship and agent development. With each insight unlocked and strategy gained in training and development, our agents are closer to knocking out their most meaningful goals. “I am grateful for the mentorship program we have for brokers looking to build agencies of their own,” says freight agent Cyprian B.

In addition to hands-on coaching, our ambitious TGF agents have access to our twice-a-year Agent Roundtable. At this mastermind-style event, agents take enormous strides forward in learning, growth and connection. “Working with TGF has allowed me to take leaps ahead into the development of our business,” agent Maclain M. says. “I am so glad I took the leap to join the team!” 


8 | Tailor-Made Technology

In the freight world, the strength of your CRM often determines the speed of business. Our first-to-market freight CRM, created by freight experts for freight experts, streamlines operations and makes it easier to build business faster than ever before. “The CRM platform is unlike that of anywhere else you will ever work,” explains agent Jonathan B.

Our innovative tech is who we are and continuous to break huge barriers for our agents. “Tallgrass Freight gives me, as well as other agents, all the resources and tools to be successful. They keep growing our CRM system to make it more user friendly and that allows us to use it as a one-stop shop,” says freight broker Ryan G.


7 | Brilliant Back Office Team

Providing the tools our agents need to build a thriving business is baked into our DNA. And a huge piece of that equation lies in the tremendous work and dedication of our back-office leadership team. “I’ve worked at many companies and never have I experienced an executive team so willing to help and do anything in their power to help me succeed,” says agent Ryan G.

Our back office team creates a collaborative environment and provides the infrastructure, foundation and guidance our freight agents need to continually achieve higher levels of success. “The team at Tallgrass Freight has been exceptional,” says freight broker Bryan B. “They are professionals with plenty of industry experience to share as we work to grow our own business.”


6 | Superior Sales Rewards

Performance-based incentives may be familiar to those at sales organizations — but ours are unlike any other! The way we’ve structured our Diamond Club, Club 200 and Elite Circle emulates the entrepreneurial and innovative approach we take in terms of delivering world-class freight transportation. “The company culture is amazing and the reward tiers are great,” says freight agent Jose W.


5 | Stellar Support

Tallgrass Freight Co. has a foundation rooted in support. After all, with the right people backing you up, your book of business is bound to reach new heights! “I am thankful for the support I receive on sorting out any issues I may have,” says agent Jose W.

We diligently work to provide our agents with tools and resources to thrive, from billing assistance and help with invoices to technical support and everything in between. “The support I receive from leadership is incredible,” freight broker Cori B. shares.


4 | Sweeping the Awards

In 2022, we once again swept the awards, receiving both local and national recognition for our exponential growth. 

As we’ve worked to establish the best freight brokerage, these awards are a true testament to who we are and the people who make up Tallgrass Freight. We share in each other’s successes and couldn’t be prouder of our success. “I am very grateful to work with TGF. I often talk about how I wish I would have started with them sooner,” says agent Maclain M.


3 | Company Culture

At Tallgrass, our distinctive company culture is our foundation. Our people are at the core of everything we do, and our mission will always be to help our agents thrive. “Not only does Tallgrass have an amazing culture and atmosphere, it is unlike anywhere else I have ever worked,” says freight broker Jonathan B.

Our company culture is practiced daily and echoes throughout the Tallgrass team, despite our agents’ physical location (because our TGF team spans from coast to coast!). “This is the type of organization that gets you up in the morning doing all the little things that allow us to create the flexibility we desire,” says agent Mikhail R.

Also important to our company culture is flexibility — something freight agent Lynn T. values every day! “I am thankful for TGF to enable me to live at the lake,” she smiles. “The beautiful view from my place makes working hard more enjoyable!”


2 | Celebrating a Decade of Growth

Our vision has always been to build the best freight brokerage in the country. And with our tenacity and ambition, we’ve accomplished that goal in just ten years of being in business. 

We’ve created a work hard, play hard environment that celebrates each win and provides our agents with long-term, fulfilling careers. Innovation and progress fuel our ambitions, but our community and team-based atmosphere will always reside at the center of our success. 

“Tallgrass has continued to support and assist me with suggestions, setting a good example and giving me the ever-so-needed kick in the pants from time to time,” says freight agent Penni T. “With this help we have developed into a very successful agency that now supports six families and has made and kept a ton of customers happy.” 


1 | Being the BEST

With the right people who treat each other the right way, we’ve built the BEST freight brokerage in the country here at Tallgrass. 

Tallgrass Freight Co. is one of the country’s fastest-growing private companies — and we owe much of our great success to our dedicated and hardworking freight brokers who work diligently to live out our vision everyday. Our agents are at the top of their field. At Tallgrass, they’re able to enjoy all the perks of being their own boss, plus the joys of being part of a rockstar team. 

There’s never been a better time to join the Tallgrass Freight agent network. Become an agent today.