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Innovating Leadership at Tallgrass Freight

In 2012, Damon Anderson set out to build the kind of company he always wanted to work for. Now, ten years later, he is the CEO of the best freight brokerage in the nation — and we’re proud of how we’ve innovated what leadership can look like in the freight world. 

As Damon says, “The one thing that’s the most important to me about our company is this: I never want to lose that feeling of this company being a community.” The leaders at Tallgrass Freight share that vision, and it’s that posture that makes our company’s leadership so innovative. Let’s dive in.


Accessible Freight Leaders

At many corporations, top-level leaders are simply unavailable. Want to meet with the CEO? Get mentorship from a VP? You’re lucky if you can get even a little time on their calendar next month, much less build a relationship.

But at Tallgrass, there’s no “ivory tower” attitude. Our leaders are always accessible and available for any of our agents, from our veteran freight pros who have been with us for years to our newest freight brokers who are just starting with Tallgrass. Accessible leadership is just part of our culture. No matter how big we grow, we remain committed to this. And compared to the status quo at most companies, accessible leadership is remarkably innovative.

Our leadership team is always looking for ways to ensure agents’ voices are heard, and that everyone is informed. Our regular State of the Union updates are great chances for agents from coast to coast to hear straight from our owners and key leaders. And our What If? Program makes sure leaders reward team members for their best and brightest ideas! 

Freight agent Max H. says it well — and he explored 21 different freight companies before going with the best of the best at Tallgrass Freight! “The entire team, including leadership, is simply incomparable. I couldn’t find a single opportunity that even came close to rivaling Tallgrass.”

Case in point: At our annual Bounce House Bash, our owners literally flip your burgers. You won’t find that anywhere else!


Our Agent Development Pros

At TGF, our agent development leadership approach is innovative too. Our Vice President of Agent Development, Sean Richardson, ensures agents reach their fullest potential and truly thrive. Our Director of Agent Development, Chloe Marshall, works hands-on with our newest agents as a coach and mentor, making sure our freight brokers have everything they need to hit the ground running and succeed from day one.

Sean and Chloe help agents grow their freight businesses in countless ways, from our formal Roundtables and monthly coaching seminars to everyday mentoring. Leaders who truly want to help you reach the pinnacle of your freight career? Now that’s what innovation looks like. 


Our Dream Team 

Innovation and growth will continuously be at the core of who we are as a company. Our experienced leadership team is committed to helping agents achieve new heights each and every day. We’ve built a culture of treating people like people. We say what we mean and mean what we say. Period. 

We’re proud to say that we have the right people, with the right attitudes, in the right roles — and because of this, we’ve assembled a group who we not-so-humbly call our “Dream Team.” These leaders are the best in the business, and we mean it.

In addition to being extraordinarily talented, skilled and driven, they’re experts within the freight ecosystem! Being part of this team means you work hard, you play hard and you show up for your colleagues. Meet the players on our TGF leadership team.


For ten years, we’ve been creating something remarkable here at Tallgrass freight Co. Our incredible leadership and investment in agent success is a testament to our unmatched company culture and support.

For experienced freight agents who are hungry to grow, it’s an ideal time to jump in and be the latest edition to our fast-growing company. We’re hiring extraordinary agents like you. Contact us today.