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What is New Agent Training Like? Hear it From Our Agents

What’s it like to experience the industry’s most elite and expedited training process? Our newest Tallgrass Freight agents are here to tell you: it’s everything you want, and just as significant, nothing you don’t. When you make a career change, the stakes are high. And that’s why we are committed to getting you up and running as quickly as possible. 

Kiss mile-long checklists and onboarding processes goodbye. The training process at TGF is a fast track to smashing your biggest goals. Two of our newest Tallgrass Freight agents, Stephanie and Todd, have been through this exact process and share their experiences.


Inside Onboarding with the TGF team 

After nearly 20 years as a freight broker, Todd made the move to TGF after hearing about our incredible commission structure and health insurance. “I’ve been around the industry, so I’m familiar with freight,” Todd shares. “Everywhere you go, you’ll find a different CRM or structure to the way they put in loads. But with TGF, it all went pretty smooth.”

After spending years on the business side of freight, Stephanie jumped into the brokerage space about five years ago. Joining Tallgrass was her next step to independence and reaping the rewards of calling the shots for herself. “TGF gave me that opportunity to take a few months and get a customer base started,” Stephanie says. “It was a great chance to get my wheels turning.”

“Onboarding was fantastic,” Stephanie relates. “Everybody answered my questions immediately, and the training was exceptional.” Virtual training with Tallgrass was straightforward, and she enjoyed connecting with VP of Product Development Mike Clemmons on the phone to move forward with ease. 

Unlike organizations that leave you to simply look through their system and put the pieces together yourself, the TGF team is here for you — from back-office support to the C-suite. This extra support is here to take the stress off joining a new brokerage and set you up for success from DAY ONE


Know-it-All Training at a Moment’s Notice

“I had no issues onboarding at TGF,” Todd says. “Most of my customers came over with no problem.” In the few months Todd has been a TGF agent, the training process has helped to push his business onward. “We’re moving loads pretty quick,” Todd notes. “Onboarding and training was far above average.” At TGF, Todd has found the process easier and smoother all around.  

“I was able to learn everything in a couple of days with onboarding,” Stephanie says. “Then I was able to speed through the system very quickly. That helps because when you’re making phone calls, you need to be able to make a quote and enter a load fairly quickly so you don’t lose that customer.” 

With support from TGF’s training team, you won’t waste a moment trying to understand a new system. Our training is designed to help you build not only your book of business, but your freight career!


Make Your Move to Tallgrass Freight

Want to experience all the benefits of the best freight brokerage without the hassle of a broken onboarding and training process? At Tallgrass Freight Co., our freight brokers experience the best of the best from the very beginning. Our recruiting and training process is straightforward so you can succeed.  

What are you waiting for? Become a Tallgrass Agent today.