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How the Tallgrass CEO & COO Support Your Freight Agency’s Growth

A freight career change is no small feat. It’s normal to worry: is the grass really greener at a new organization? After all, why would you want to potentially leave a problematic situation for a set of new challenges? 

Here’s the good news: We’re not like any other freight brokerage. It’s safe to say that when independent agents join Tallgrass Freight, the grass really is greener — and our independent freight agents tell the story

Penni T., a Tallgrass independent freight agent, became a broker more than a decade ago and has experience working at several logistics companies throughout her freight career. But since joining TGF four years ago, Penni is confident that NO other brokerage that compares to Tallgrass.

And at the heart of Penni’s success is something rare outside of Tallgrass — hands-on support from top-tier leadership: none other than our CEO, Damon Anderson and COO, David Barnes. Let’s explore how this C-suite support has made all the difference in Penni’s success.


A People-First Culture

At Tallgrass, our distinctive company culture is our foundation. Our people are at the core of everything we do, and our mission will always be to help our agents thrive. Our culture echoes throughout the Tallgrass team, despite our agents’ physical location (because our TGF team spans from coast to coast!).

“When I first came to Tallgrass and spoke with Damon and David, they vowed to treat agents right,” Penni says. “And to this day, they have never wavered from their promise.”

One of Penni’s favorite aspects of Tallgrass is feeling supported while also having the ability to be fully entrepreneurial. “Damon and David have always allowed us to run our own businesses,” Penni shares. “I can’t think of a time where they have ever put money or their own agenda before their people. I really appreciate that about them.” 


A Helpful Approach

One of the most crucial keys to success in the freight industry is coaching and mentorship opportunities from freight veterans. Who better to learn from than agents who have been in your shoes? 

Our CEO and COO are constantly encouraging our agents and helping them create successful strategies to grow. They help implement seamless workflows and ensure our agents are maximizing their potential. “In the beginning, I sat down with David and he really motivated me,” Penni says. “They are truly there to help lead me in the right direction.”

One of the most helpful pieces of advice she received from them was how to build her team and deal with potential conflicts. “Damon and David reach out to me and offer ideas to help me grow my business,” Penni shares. “They recognize the needs of my business before I even do.”

Since joining Tallgrass, Penni has experienced great success and hired seven team members to help scale even larger! She credits Damon and Dave’s hands-on support for this growth. “I’ve been able to pass on the support and structure they showed to me,” says Penni. “Now I have other people who can have a better work-life balance and a better life because of Damon and David’s endless support.”

The hands-on C-suite support is even more valuable to Penni because of the tumultuous freight market. “In this line of work, no one is considered unreplaceable,” she says. “In the past, that caused me to be worried daily that I might lose my job or my position in a company. But I no longer have that in the back of my mind or that pit in my stomach with TGF. It is an amazing feeling!”


The Greener Grass You’ve Been Looking For

We will be the first to say it: Being an entrepreneurial freight agent isn’t always easy. But at Tallgrass, you’re given the support and motivation you need to make your job what you’ve always wanted. 


You’ll always be surrounded by leaders committed to driving your growth and success. If you’re considering a pivot in your career, there has never been a better time to become a Tallgrass freight agent. Join our freight agent program today and experience these perks yourself!