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Betting on Yourself is the Smartest Move During a Shifting Economy

What does it mean to be an entrepreneurial freight broker? It means taking matters into your own hands and writing your future. It means being driven, tenacious and ambitious — All qualities that make up the very best freight agents.

Let’s not mince words. Today’s economy is certainly shifting, and we’re not exactly in boom times these days. During a shifting economy, some people hunker down and stay put, thinking they’ll be “safer” while working for a large company over working for themselves. But there’s a case to be made for the very opposite. Here, we think betting on YOURSELF is the smartest move during a shifting economy.

What does it mean to be an entrepreneurial freight broker at Tallgrass? It means the sky is the limit. You read that right: we provide the tools and support to build the freight agency of your dreams. The entrepreneurial setup of our freight agent program is also about a strong culture, uncapped earning potential and a commitment to a healthy work-life balance. The possibilities for achieving your desired lifestyle are limitless at TGF. 

But most importantly, being an entrepreneurial agent at Tallgrass means betting on yourself. Betting on yourself in an unpredictable economy means rising above unexpected obstacles and market trends. And who’s better than YOU to rely on for success and security than your skills and talents? Let’s explore more.


An Ever-Changing Economy

Fluctuations in the economy are common. And when the economy dips, there’s a big impact on jobs throughout the United States. Most workers value stability and job security. However, in ever-changing markets, nothing is guaranteed. Many times,  non-entrepreneurs are anxious and worried during periods of economic uncertainty because they lack the confidence to invest in a future they can’t see.

Because of all the disruption and uncertainty throughout our economic landscape, there’s never been a better time to be an entrepreneurial freight broker. At Tallgrass, agents can make more money than ever before, set their own schedules and enjoy the stability that comes with trusting your abilities. 

As an entrepreneurial freight agent, you’re no stranger to complex and unpredictable challenges, even when the economy is relatively stable. But during uncertain economic times, you can leverage your capabilities and insights and continue building success.


The Significance of Support

A key driver behind our agents’ stability and success is our method of supporting our agents. Our freight agents OWN their businesses, and we love providing our agent entrepreneurs the tools necessary to help them reach their full potential, especially in a shifting economy.

Throughout the year, our team members join together for our Agent Roundtable events in Kansas City! This event is a mastermind weekend full of training and learning everything from freight market opportunities to navigating economy trends.

Another way we encourage stability is through ongoing coaching. Chloe Marshall, our VP of Growth and Development, supports agents with valuable insights on everything from communicating with prospects and relationship-building to sales strategies in an erratic market.


Find Success and Stability at Tallgrass

As we dive into our second decade as a freight family, we couldn’t be more excited to continue expanding our freight agent program and building out our team of freight agents who are ready to bet on themself. 

Ready to join a freight agent program that helps you reach your maximum potential? Join the TGF team today.