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Introducing the New Financial Coaching Program

At Tallgrass Freight, we care about our team members deeply. And we want our staff and agents to thrive! Our agents are earning figures they may never have even dreamed of, and we want to make sure they have the support they need to keep up with that momentum.

When you’re taking home top income as a freight agent, you need to know how to manage it well. While we’ve always provided mentoring and financial planning as part of our Agent Roundtable, we wanted to do more — for not only agents, but our employees too.


Financial Coaching for Staff and Agents

We’re excited to share a brand-new financial planning resource with the entire team—agents and staff alike! Tallgrass has partnered with Mariner Wealth Advisors to provide one-on-one financial coaching.

Whether it’s saving for a home, paying off a credit card bill or looking to utilize increased income more effectively, our partners at Marine Wealth are ready to help. And the best part? This program is freely available for all staff and agents at Tallgrass Freight. It’s easy to get started, but the sky’s the limit for the benefit!

WHY do we offer financial coaching? The answer is simple: We see a bright future for our people. And we want to support our team as they make wise financial decisions.


How Financial Coaching Can Help Your Freight Career

Being a cradle-to-grave freight broker keeps you busy, and it can be easy to lose track of your personal finances as you spend so much time dedicated to your freight customers. You don’t have to be a financial expert to have a good financial plan, but having a professional financial advisor in your corner can make a big difference! Here’s how this new program is helping our staff and agents thrive in their freight careers.


Stay on Top of Finances

With so many moving loads, it’s easy to get bogged down with professional tasks and let the personal ones pile up in the background. Our new financial coaching program can help our staff and agents create a reliable budgeting strategy, so keeping track of personal and professional finances doesn’t seem so overwhelming.


Get Out of Debt

Whether you’re facing a lot of credit card debt or paying off student loans, as a Tallgrass agent you earn enough to start paying off your debts quickly. Through our financial coaching program, the Mariner Wealth Advisors can help create a payoff plan with debt-free results in no time.


Prepare for Tax Season

Taxes look different for 1099 contractors, and there are some complexities as you look towards ta prep as a business owner. Whether you’ve never owned a business before, or you’re an entrepreneurial veteran, our financial coaching program can help independent freight agents at Tallgrass get a grasp on their tax responsibilities.


Save for Big Purchases

With all the financial freedom that comes with being an independent freight broker, you’re finally able to make those big purchases you’ve never had the funds to save for in the past. Saving for a new home? A new car? A new kiddo’s college fund? Regardless of your target, smart financial planning can help make it possible. 


Start Investing

Financial growth happens fast for our agents, and that can leave a lot of them with more money than they know what to do with! Even after investing your earnings back into your business by hiring a team, agents may still have extra funds to work with. Mariner Wealth Advisors can help agents learn to invest it properly so they can start saving early for retirement and paying for the ever-rising costs of higher education for their children.


Join the Tallgrass Team

This new financial coaching program is just one example of how we take extra steps to make sure our staff and agents are cared for and supported at Tallgrass. Sound like the kind of team you want to join? To learn more about opportunities to join the Tallgrass family, contact our recruiting team.