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How Tallgrass Helps You Serve Your Customers Better Than Ever

There’s one undeniable truth about thriving as a freight agent in today’s economic landscape: how you serve your customers is everything. After all, you only have a small window of opportunity to differentiate yourself from the competition. Sure, your charming personality is integral to winning over prospects, driving repeat business and garnering referrals. But what matters most is what you bring to the table to support your customers’ needs and goals. 

At Tallgrass, we don’t mess around. We know providing unparalleled support for our freight agents will help drive their success and create the career they’ve always envisioned for themselves. So, what exactly does that entail? And how can you serve your customers better than ever through our freight agent program? Here’s what you need to know. 


Back Office Support: Backing Your Business

From carrier relations and dedicated tech support, to operations and collections management, our back office support team provides the guidance and infrastructure needed to help fuel your growth. Think about it: a small billing or tech issue can completely consume your day without the right team behind you. At Tallgrass, it only takes a quick call or a walk down the hall to gain the support you need and ensure your focus can remain on activities like revenue growth and strengthening customer relationships. 

One of our independent freight agents, Garett L., shares how TGF’s back office has allowed him to better serve his clients: “They’re really responsive and very quick,” he says. “Their guidance with different claim processes, pulling insurances, DOT setups – things like that – is incredibly helpful for making any changes we need on the fly. They also do a great job of supporting us and ensuring we have everything we need to succeed.”


Agent Development: Growing & Thriving

At Tallgrass, we don’t just provide a short onboarding process, wipe our hands clean and send you on your merry way. Instead, we weave education and mentorship into our freight agent program to ensure you continue to develop professionally and provide best-in-class service for your customers. We’re here with you every step of the way, supporting you as much (or as little!) as you want!

From our President, Sean Richardson, to our VP of Growth and Development, Chloe Marshall, to our Director of Agent Development, Jordan Brady: we are here to coach and guide our freight brokers every step of the way. Seriously, name another company that would give you access to upper-level leadership whenever you say the word. We help freight agents with everything from organizing their day and sales strategies to overcoming hurdles and resources designed to grow your book of business. 

In addition, we provide a quarterly forum for newer agents to learn from some of our veterans and an annual Roundtable Event to invest in our people. The Roundtable is a TGF staple that brings agents from across the country together to foster their development. Want to expand your team and hire an assistant? Check. Want to learn more about best customer service practices? Double check. We’ve truly got your back, and we’re not afraid to brag about it. 


Work-Life Balance: Have Your Cake & Eat It Too

As Garett shares, “Tallgrass has given me the freedom to primarily do whatever I want.” We’re all about SUPPORT, but without restriction, control or guardrails. We support our freight agents as both professionals and entrepreneurs. That means providing the tools and resources needed to build your business, ideal lifestyle, and earn what you deserve. 

The corporate world often comes with a non-existent work-life balance, office politics, and forever-changing compensation plans. No, thanks. At Tallgrass, we will provide the blueprint you need to build your business while creating the lifestyle you want – whether that means a flexible work schedule, more time with loved ones, or traveling around the globe. Having that support means you can continue nurturing client relationships and growing your book without sacrificing your sanity or personal goals. 


Serve Your Customers Better Than Ever

“I’ve been able to keep my customers and continuously grow them because Tallgrass gives me the freedom to make my own decisions,” Garett says. “We pride ourselves on sticking to our word. And Tallgrass allows me to do that.” 

Ensuring our independent freight agents not only grow and thrive, but provide their customers with the support needed to achieve their business goals is the name of the game here at Tallgrass. 


Discover how you can better serve your customers while being part of an award-winning team by contacting us today.