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Introducing the new Tallgrass Freight Co. President: Sean Richardson

Here at Tallgrass, we embrace the entrepreneurial mindset. While we offer each of our agents the autonomy and flexibility to build their own books of business, we’ve also established a culture rooted in support. That mentality is the heart behind our newest leadership dream team position: the Tallgrass Freight Co. President. 

We’re humbled and grateful to announce the promotion of Sean Richardson to the President of Tallgrass Freight Co.!

From seamless technology to business operations, we’re dedicated to helping the freight agents who call Tallgrass home truly thrive. And that’s why our new President, Sean Richardson, is taking a broader perspective with a focus on all departments. Sean will officially become President on January 1, 2023.

We have big plans to continue making waves in the freight industry — and we’re confident Sean’s leadership will help us achieve those goals. 


From Freight Agent to President

Sean brings more than 10 years of experience as a manager, freight broker and agency owner in the logistics industry. In fact, his first role here at Tallgrass was an independent freight agent!

“When Sean started as an agent, he was brought in just like every other agent,” says Founder and CEO, Damon Anderson. “But it was quickly evident that Sean was going to succeed and grow. He embodied the Tallgrass values so well.” 

With his tenacity and dedication, Sean continued to excel, and while building his own book of business, he was invited to help other agents thrive through mentoring and coaching. That was the catalyst for Sean’s continued growth to the Tallgrass VP of Growth and Development. 

“In my previous role as the VP of Growth and Development, I worked with agents to establish development and growth strategies,” Sean says. “Now moving to this new role, I will have a broader perspective with a focus on all departments, including Information Technology, Billing, Collections, Finance, Claims and Customer Service.”

As Tallgrass continues to break barriers and reimagine the future of freight in just 10 years of being in business, Sean is excited to oversee the structure of the company and concentrate on building an environment where agents can thrive for the next decade. 

“Sean represents us really well,” says Damon. “We’ve had the ability to get to know him, and with every new thing we’ve learned about him, it is clear that he’s the perfect fit for this role.”


A United Dream Team

In this new role, Sean is most looking forward to continuing the legacy that has been established by Founder and CEO, Damon Anderson, and COO and Co-Owner, David Barnes. “The goal is always to replace yourself with someone who can do the job better than you,” says David. “We’ve been fortunate to find a group of people who can do just that.”

“We have such a good core foundation of experienced leaders,” Sean shares. “When the opportunity was presented, I was very interested to represent Tallgrass, especially knowing people like Damon and David started this company.”

“Sean is a natural leader,” shares David. “In the first ten years, we’ve built an incredible executive team, and with the right people, we can continue to flourish and grow in the next decade. If there was ever a time to let the next generation take the lead with Tallgrass, it’s now.”


Vision for the Future

Sharing the company’s passion for relationships and camaraderie, Sean prioritizes the people-first culture and commitment to those Tallgrass serves. “I will ensure every team feels supported and has the tools and resources available to maximize their potential, not just from an agent perspective, but from a global company perspective. I want to focus on the big picture and overall vision for the future,” Sean shares.

As he looks ahead at the future of Tallgrass, Sean believes the best is yet to come. “The goal for Tallgrass Freight is not only to be in a strong position for 2023, but for the next ten years,” he says. 

Building on the strong foundation Sean laid will be Chloe Marshall, who Tallgrass is also grateful to promote! Currently Director of Agent Development, Chloe will continue to serve our freight agents in her new role as VP of Growth and Development, effective January 1, 2023.

The future is bright for Tallgrass Freight Co. and we want you to be part of it! Reach out to our team and join us on our incredible journey.