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How Betting on Yourself Could Lead to Great Rewards

We believe that every new freight agent who joins the Tallgrass family has immense untapped potential, and we want to encourage them to unlock it! As entrepreneurs of their own freight brokerages, Tallgrass agents are in charge of their own success. If freight agents are willing to bet on themselves and give it their all, we believe there is no limit to what they can achieve — and that’s why we offer agents the BEST rewards programs! 


Why Performance-based Incentives?

Rewarding our agents for their efforts doesn’t start and end with generous compensation. We believe there is great power in having a tangible goal to work towards. After all, doesn’t it feel good to chase a big goal and finally reach it? That’s why the reward programs we have incorporated into the long list of benefits and perks available to Tallgrass agents are performance-based.

This isn’t about creating vicious, cutthroat competition between freight brokerages. When we all hustle, we all win! It’s about building a lively company culture that supports and cheers each other toward greater success. And with our amazing leadership team and back office supporting you every step of the way, hitting that first milestone will happen a lot faster than you might think.


Rewards Programs at Tallgrass Freight Co.

Our three signature rewards programs at Tallgrass are designed with the entrepreneurial spirit in mind. Each one offers a flexible, open-ended reward allowing agents to use them to build the experience they desire. Our rewards programs also work differently than most others in the freight industry, focusing on gross profits rather than top-line revenue. If you earned it, we celebrate it. Full stop.

Club 200

Agents who earn $200,000 in gross margin over one calendar year become members of Club 200 and are rewarded with an annual trip to Las Vegas alongside a plus one of their choosing! While most of this trip is left open and flexible for agents to choose what they want to do (and there’s no shortage of exciting things to see and do in Vegas), we do have one event every agent looks forward to attending: a gourmet dinner 800 feet above the city at the top of the Stratosphere. Our leadership team loves to celebrate one another and motivate each other to reach for the stars — and when they grab hold, their fellow agents will be up in the Stratosphere with them to celebrate!

Diamond Club

After creating Club 200, we noticed agents quickly surpassing this goal and looking for their next target. We love a driven spirit, so we created a new tier of rewards to cultivate that drive across freight brokers: Diamond Club.

When Tallgrass agents achieve $500,000 in gross margin over a calendar year, they are rewarded not just with the Las Vegas trip alongside Club 200, but also with travel vouchers to create a vacation of their choosing! A Delta Airlines travel voucher of $5,000 combined with a Marriot travel voucher of $3,000 makes it possible for Diamond Club members to plan everything from an extended Europe vacation to multiple smaller trips spread throughout the year. Some agents even use these vouchers to plan a special trip to reward their entire team! Choose your destination, and we’ll get you there!

Elite Circle

Again, our agents just kept hitting higher goals and moving above and beyond the Diamond Club goalpost, which told us it was time to stretch the motivation to succeed even further. With over $1 million in gross margin, the next tier of rewards clubs at Tallgrass is truly made up of the top agents in the industry.

Our Elite Circle members enjoy all the benefits of the other rewards tiers plus our most unique, elevated, and open-ended travel reward of all: a trip for two to any event, anywhere in the world. Yes, we’re serious. What’s on your bucket list? The possibilities are quite literally endless. In the past, Elite Circle members can use this reward to travel all over the world and experience incredible, once-in-a-lifetime memories. We’re talking Super Bowl tickets. A grand performance at the Sydney Opera House. Seeing the Northern Lights. Visiting one of the eight wonders of the world. You dream it, we make it happen!


How Tallgrass Supports Your Success

We do more than just dangle luxurious incentives in front of our agents without helping them to get there. Our back office support and actively engaged leadership team come alongside our agents from day one to help them find the right path to success. We believe in our agents and encourage them to believe in themselves!


Ready to start betting on yourself and see the rewards start rolling in? Leave amateur hour behind and join our thriving network of independent freight brokers. You won’t regret it.