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Discover the Best of the Best Compensation & Rewards

There are countless reasons to make a career move. Company culture, support, technology, the list goes on. But let’s not overlook the real game-changer: paychecks! Compensation is crucial. And as the best freight brokerage in the country, we’re proud to offer our outstanding freight brokers a top-tier compensation package.

Our mission at TGF? Being THE BEST freight brokerage in the industry. And, simply put, it’s because of our people that we continue to receive local and national recognition year over year. 

In fact, in June 2021 alone, 48% of our agents had their best month ever! Our minds are blown! We couldn’t be prouder of all their hard work and dedication. What better way to show our gratitude than by continuing to offer compensation and rewards programs that are unrivaled in the industry?


Why We Reward Our Agents

Since day one, we’ve never deviated from our corporate values. We’ve built a collaborative and supportive ecosystem, and we’re proud of it. As our Co-owner and COO David Barnes says, “Our success  is thanks to our team. We invest in our people and we celebrate like no one else. We work hard, play hard and reward our people the way they deserve.” 

This sentiment is deeply woven into the fabric of our company’s DNA and the catalyst behind our desire to innovate and push the needle forward — especially when it comes to creating a one-of-a-kind freight agent program. 

There’s a reason you can’t find this anywhere else. While other organizations are preoccupied with office politics, favoritism and squeezing every dime out of their agents (something we don’t tolerate), TGF is focused on fostering a family-like atmosphere. And like family, we always have each other’s backs, providing best-in-class rewards, compensation, resources and support. Every. Single. Day. 


A Compensation Program Like No Other

Yeah. We said it. And we mean it. From high splits and generous sales incentives. to the ability to maximize earning potential with no salary caps, we believe in providing freight brokers the tools and infrastructure they need to truly thrive and live their desired lifestyle

With uncapped commission, you can continually expand your book of business to reach new levels of success. We’ve decided to forgo the complex payout structures and ever-changing compensation programs. Instead, we empower our agents by investing in the technology, back-office support and resources needed to maximize income and drive upward growth. That’s what it means to be the best freight brokerage.

And compensation includes excellent benefits too. Our agents have access to comprehensive benefits, including health, dental and vision insurance. Agents also have access to expert financial and tax planning resources too . . . because that’s what you need when you’re bringing home incredible paychecks, of course!


Industry-Leading Perks & Rewards

We like to celebrate our team’s achievements both financially and via our rewards programs. As one of our agents shares, “Tallgrass is always finding ways to spice things up, making it not only fun but rewarding to obtain new business and keep hustling.” 

Our annual Club 200 trip to Vegas is one of the ways we raise a toast to individual accomplishments. Agents inducted into our Club 200 have generated $200,000 or more in gross profits over the calendar year. This is unique as many companies in the logistics space reward their brokers purely on top-line revenue. Maybe we’re selfish, but we want MORE (not less) of our freight agents to enjoy a weekend of poker, cocktails and all of Sin City’s non-stop entertainment with us. 

Agents who produce $500,000+ in gross margin quality for our Diamond Club rewards program. These tenacious and driven performers deserve something epic for their monumental achievements. So, we thought a $5,000 Delta Airlines travel voucher, as well as a $3,000 Marriott travel voucher, would do the trick. We love seeing the array of destinations our Diamond Club members choose to explore. 

We were proud of our Diamond Club. But then our agents kept breaking their own records — the best kind of challenge, and one we were happy to solve. Enter the Elite Circle.

Our final tier, the Elite Circle, is for the absolute ballers who produce a staggering $1 million in gross margin over the calendar year. To honor such an outstanding feat, we decided to help these individuals begin crossing off items on their bucket lists. Whether it’s visiting an elephant sanctuary in Thailand or attending the FIFA World Cup, Elite Circle inductees receive a trip for two to any event, anywhere in the world. 

Best freight brokerage, best compensation and rewards. That’s just how we roll at Tallgrass. The best people deserve the best rewards. It’s as simple as that. We march to the beat of our drum and we’re not shy about it. We want our freight agents to build the best future possible for themselves – and it all starts with compensation and rewards programs you can’t find anywhere else. 


All you’ve dreamed of is within your grasp. Join our award-winning team of freight agents today.