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Celebrating Big at Our 2022 Club 200 Event

At Tallgrass Freight, everything we do is entrepreneurial and innovative. And our freight agent reward programs are no exception. We may be over the top, but being a little extra is what makes us the best brokerage in the freight ecosystem. 

We believe in providing our network of independent freight agents both the freedom and support they need to thrive. And at the heart of support is celebration. One of our favorite ways to celebrate agents’ achievements is at our annual Club 200 event in Las Vegas, Nevada! 

In 2022, we inducted a RECORD number of agents into this program and celebrated with over 80 people! We’re so proud of our continued success and growth, and we are confident that every year our Club 200 event will be larger than the last. (And yeah, we’re taking bets on how big the 2023 party will be . . . we may just outgrow the Stratosphere!)

Club 200 2022

Tallgrass independent freight agents have the opportunity to be their own boss, while enjoying the perks of a team atmosphere. We offer top-notch compensation so our brokers can live their ideal lifestyle and have an optimal work-life balance. The environment at TGF allows driven freight agents to work hard and play hard! Our annual Club 200 trip to Las Vegas is one way we reward that hard work.

Club 200 2022

Club 200 was designed to mirror the vigorous initiative we take to deliver world-class freight transportation. Instead of rewarding top-line revenue, Club 200 recognizes gross profits on the revenue our agents generate. Like everything we do here, Club 200 is innovation at its finest. When agents generate more than $200,000 in gross profits during the calendar year, they are inducted into Club 200 and become eligible for our Las Vegas vacation!

To reach the $200,000 milestone, agents typically pull in top-line revenue of more than $1 million. Freight agents generating this level of gross profits are part of a group we’re eager to reward.

Why do we choose to celebrate in Las Vegas? Well, there’s literally something for everyone in Sin City — A famous casino scene, fine dining, live music, thrilling shows, relaxing spas, and world-renowned shopping. And for our outdoorsy agents, there are numerous national parks and nature attractions nearby too.

And, let’s be honest, during January our Kansas City agents are excited to trade the ice and snow for some sunshine!

The highlight of the annual trip is our company dinner at the Stratosphere as a team. We love to feast on a delicious meal and enjoy cocktails together while chatting about all the huge accomplishments from the previous year. Celebrating with the team while taking in the beautiful city views from 800 feet above Vegas? There’s nothing better!

Other than our team dinner, the majority of the weekend is unscheduled by design. Our top freight agents and employees (and their plus-one!) get the freedom to enjoy some well-deserved rest and relaxation.

Here at Tallgrass Freight, an unparalleled culture is what we live by. It’s in our DNA. Our Club 200 trip is just one of many ways we reward our well-deserving team of agents. Those climbing to even higher calibers are eligible for our Diamond Club or our unparalleled Elite Circle! Freight brokers who aren’t content with the status quo get to truly thrive at Tallgrass.

We’ve built the best freight brokerage in the country at TGF. Ready to be part of a company who rewards your accomplishments? Join the Tallgrass Freight agent network. Start the conversation today!