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Want to Launch Your Freight Brokerage in 2024? How to Get Started Now

Everyone has those days. You know the ones, when you hit snooze one too many times. But it’s a different ballgame when the dread of waking up for work has crept into your life like a permanent fixture. 

Forget the Sunday Scaries — you’ve got the everyday scaries. It’s not just a single sales meeting you’re anxious about or a particularly tough hurdle with a carrier you need to resolve in the coming week. It’s a gnawing unhappiness and dissatisfaction with where you are.

You want purpose. You want to feel inspired. You want to find a long-term career where your paycheck reflects your hard work and you control your lifestyle and business. 

Sound too good to be true? Seriously — it exists. And it exists right here at Tallgrass.

A career as an independent freight agent can be rewarding AND lucrative. But it takes grit, hard work and the right freight brokerage to make it a reality. Whether the support system in your current role is nonexistent or you’ve hit a ceiling and are hungry to achieve higher levels of success, now’s the time to make a move. Here are three signs you’re ready to launch your independent freight agent career in 2024. 


You’re Driven and Tenacious, but Lack Support

Even if you have no qualms about putting in the grind, you’ll feel like you’re spinning your wheels without the right support or resources. From the administrative burden to your ability to nurture customer relationships, a lack of support can truly hinder your growth. And, honestly, it’s a real bummer to feel like you’re on an island day in and day out. At Tallgrass, being your own boss doesn’t translate into having to fly solo. Collaboration, support, and professional development are woven into our culture to ensure freight agents have everything they need to succeed. 

We don’t just back your business, we back YOU. With a top-notch back office team to handle everything from carrier relations to claims and an outstanding built-for-freight-folks CRM, you’re able to focus your time on what truly matters: expanding your book and achieving upward mobility. Plus, having access to leadership and support can help you overcome challenges, brainstorm ways to grow your agency, and provide you with a healthy work-life balance that solo entrepreneurs often never see. 

“A lot of times in business, the dollar is put before the people,” explains Jeff. “That’s not the case here. Everything is very people-centric. It’s all about taking care of the people they have on staff and even the agents. That’s 100% what makes it a breath of fresh air.” So, to put it simply, if you bring your positive attitude and thick skin, we’ll bring the tools, infrastructure and guidance needed to propel you forward. 


You Want To Earn What You Deserve

Salary caps? Gets old fast. Complex, constantly changing compensation programs? It’s killing your motivation. You want to be in charge of your own destiny. You have an entrepreneurial mindset, and you’re willing to put in the work. Now all you need is to find a freight brokerage that can help you achieve the lifestyle and career you’ve always envisioned for yourself. 

Here at Tallgrass, we’re all about transparency, high splits, and no salary caps. Why? Because we genuinely care about our freight agents – and, honestly, they’ve earned it! When we say there’s no ceiling here, we mean it. From generous sales incentives to monthly competitions and our rewards programs, there’s no shortage of ways to maximize your earning potential. And, guess what? You can actually have some fun while doing it too. Shocker, we know. 


You Want To Free Yourself from a Toxic Environment

Office politics, management breathing down your neck, colleagues pitted against each other – all things you’re ready to escape, once and for all. Building your own business doesn’t have to mean sacrificing a strong corporate culture. Here, we value our people. They are our greatest asset and we treat them as such. 

From our Roundtable Event and financial coaching program to our softball team and Splash Bash, we’ve created a tight-knit community where we celebrate each win and support one another. “I love the family atmosphere here,” shares Agent Steve. “Everyone works so well together, and it’s not something you see often in a larger company like this. Everyone has each others’ backs.” 

Freight jobs can often be demanding and all-consuming, but at TGF, we have rewritten the narrative. We treat our freight agents like family and invest in both their personal and professional success. That means having the flexibility to craft your ideal work-life balance – whether it’s spending more time with the kiddos or traveling with your spouse. When we say we work hard and play hard, we’re not just blowing smoke up your you-know-what. We want you to infuse your life with more play and more enjoyment. 


Where Do You See Yourself This Time Next Year?

Ask yourself: Where do I want to be a year from now, and what do I need to do to get there? 

Do you want to add more zeros to your paychecks? Surround yourself with a stronger culture and support system? What is it going to take to make your vision a reality? Perhaps you need some brokerage experience under your belt, managing a book of business. Or, maybe, you need to develop a plan for how you intend to hit the ground running, and all you need is to find the right freight agent program to support your goals. 


So, what are you waiting for? Discover what it takes to succeed as a freight agent and create the career you’ve always envisioned by downloading our free eBook today: How to Get Started in Freight.