Determine if a freight agent career is right for you

Discover what key traits and experiences are vital for becoming an independent freight agent with your own book of business — so you can begin building the foundation of a successful, lucrative career in the fast-growing freight industry. 

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Interested in a Career as a
Freight Agent?

Are you drawn to the idea of building a successful business and being your own boss? Motivated by the vast earning potential as an independent freight agent? Maybe you already work in logistics or freight and you’re determined to take your career to new heights.

Being a freight entrepreneur can be meaningful, lucrative and life-changing! If you’re driven to be the best, there’s no limit to the success you can achieve. And with greater demand for freight across the world due to the rise of ecommerce, the work of a freight agent is even more valuable today. It’s no wonder that so many people are drawn to the idea of pursuing a freight agent career.

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Yet it’s important to know what you’re getting yourself into before you take steps to become a freight agent. After all, success doesn’t come quickly. And you need specific skills, characteristics and experience to not only become an agent, but to build a thriving book of business. In truth — it’s not for everyone.

However, you could help us reimagine the future of freight in our growing agency program. 

As the nation’s leading freight brokerage, our team makes up some of the best freight agents in the country. And we’re always looking for future talent. That’s why we’ve identified the key traits needed to be a successful freight agent and are offering them to you free of charge.

If you’re ready to determine whether a freight agent career is right for you, download our ebook now.

— Here’s What You’ll Learn

Must-Have Characteristics Every Successful Freight Agent Needs

Know from the start whether you’re wired to thrive as a freight entrepreneur. And get a little timely advice from Ted Lasso, too.

How to Stand Out to Freight Agent Recruiters

Find out what you need to get a leg up on other freight agent applicants with these key qualifications and demonstrated experience. Hint: it’s what we look for with our TGF agents!

What Training You Shouldn’t Waste Your Time and Money On

Let’s be real: there’s a lot of misleading stuff out there. Know what to avoid, as well as the right learning approach to put you on the fast track to success.

How Many Calls You’ll Make Per Day as a Freight Agent

It takes effort to build your book of business, especially when you’re starting out. But with the right freight agent program and a good dose of tenacity, you can do it.

Insider Tips on Getting Your First Freight Position

If you’re ready to begin your journey towards becoming a freight entrepreneur, follow this critical advice to get started. These tips come straight from our expert team.

If you want an honest, real perspective on getting into the freight brokerage industry, this ebook is right for you.

Experience the Benefits of Becoming Part of the Best Freight Agent Network in the Country

As the nation’s leading independent freight agent network for entrepreneurial freight pros, Tallgrass Freight provides a variety of transportation and logistics services unmatched in our industry. Valuing integrity, tenacity and ambition, our team offers transparent support and caring leadership, as well as the autonomy and flexibility you desire. You won’t find this anywhere else.

  • Expedited Onboarding: Hit the Ground Running
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  • Exceptional Compensation: and Incredible Incentives
  • Access to Benefits: Health, Vision and Dental
  • Top-Tier Tech: Our Proprietary CRM, Designed for Freight Success
  • Professional Development: Cultivate Your Dream Career

Your freight agent journey begins now.