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What’s Holding You Back From Joining Tallgrass Freight? We Have a Blueprint for Success

Have big dreams of building your book of business? As a freight brokerage built by freight agents, we get it! That’s why we’ve created a blueprint for success that every Tallgrass freight agent has access to — from DAY ONE. 

What does a blueprint for success look like at the best freight brokerage? It begins with the most elite support and spans into all we offer — from technology, onboarding and training, to unparalleled company culture, and top-notch compensation. 

Tallgrass agents, located all across the country, are at the top of their field. And we believe the best of the best should enjoy all the perks of being their own boss, plus the joys of being part of a rockstar team. So, we have one important question: What’s holding you back from achieving great success as a Tallgrass independent freight agent? No matter what’s holding you back, we have the answer.


You Don’t Need to Start From Scratch

Nervous you’ll have to start from scratch and lose momentum when you transition to a new brokerage? Not here! When you bring your book of business to Tallgrass Freight, your initial onboarding is quick and efficient, and you can hit the ground running right away. We’re talking days of training, not weeks. That means no interruptions in servicing your clients and no paused paycheck. Just the tools you need to scale quicker than ever before! 

As you continue to build your freight business, our back-office support team is always available to walk you through our proven blueprint for success. For starters, you’ll have weekly one-on-one calls with Chloe Marshall, our VP of Growth & Development. During those calls, you’ll review the blueprint and discuss strategies for overcoming obstacles and techniques to keep moving forward. 

These meetings ensure new agents are building successful habits to grow and thrive. And as we like to say here at Tallgrass, no one ever flies solo. Our collaborative culture is truly what sets us apart.


Mastermind Style Training 

How are you claiming incoming leads? What obstacles are keeping you from hitting that next level of compensation? Get answers to all your burning freight questions, plus expert advice at our Agent Roundtables

At this twice-a-year event, our freight agents enjoy food, fun and, you guessed it, a freight business blueprint. In a mere weekend, you can make an enormous leap forward with the knowledge you gain. Learn from top-of-class freight agents who’ve been in your shoes. Discover valuable insights into financial and estate planning. You’ll find it all at our Agent Roundtables!


Tech to Transform Your Business

Unsure if the technology can keep up with your hustle? We have the best! Freight agent programs all too often settle for off-the-shelf CRMs that waste time — and, let’s be honest, hold you back. The limits of the system become the limits of the agents. And we don’t stand for mediocrity. 

A freight CRM should be crafted to fit agents’ specific needs — designed to save time, instead of wasting it. So imagine a CRM built with the ultimate understanding of what freight agents really need. Now add two years of development and a $1 million dollar investment and you’ve got the TGF Cash Register

Groundbreaking tech is part of who we are and we’re not afraid to invest in it. We’re constantly improving our technology too, with regular updates suggested by our very own freight agents. We know an investment in CRM is an investment in the success of our agents, and you can’t put a price tag on that.


Don’t Hold Back, Join Tallgrass!

What could you accomplish with all the knowledge you need right at your fingertips? Become an agent at TGF and you’ll experience what it’s like to have a brokerage that’s fully invested in you and provides a blueprint for your success from the very first day.