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Celebrating One Year of the Tallgrass What If? Program

To continue our reign at the top of the logistics industry, we can’t be complacent. We believe when a company stops improving, they stop growing. That very mindset drove the creation of our What If? Program, designed to reward our freight agents for their best ideas.

One year ago, we launched this pathway for team members to share initiatives and to ensure everyone’s voice is heard. But this is more than the typical comment box at any other corporation. For every initiative implemented, we pay $100 to the team member behind the brilliant idea. (Yes, cold hard cash. We don’t mess around.)

“When a company stops innovating, they start dying. Our foundation is built on our team, and so we invest in our people and reward every win,” says David Barnes, COO and Co-Owner. “We have created an environment where people look forward to waking up and being part of this team each day. And we keep that culture strong by listening to our agents’ great ideas.”

In just ONE year since launching our What If? Program, we’ve continued innovating freight technology, empowering agents and solving new challenges, and we’re unbelievably proud of our substantial growth. Let’s explore more.


A Culture of Empowerment

Putting our independent freight agents first is part of the unrivaled company culture we’ve established: the culture we’ve lived out since day one

The What If? Program was designed to inspire freight agents to present ideas that would improve our tailor-made CRM technology and continuously ask the question, “What if?” 

What if there was a more efficient way to complete this task? What if this page directed me here? What if that button triggered a different report? What if we added an automation feature to save time? You get the picture.

And just like our sales rewards programs, you bet we reward agents for their brilliant ideas. After all, they work hard to keep us on top.

When an idea lands on our CRM improvement roadmap, that team member earns a $100 cash reward! At Tallgrass, we’ve never been one to play it small. Going the extra mile is just what we do.

Even better? We never put a cap on our agents’ inventiveness. EVERY great idea gets $100. Like we’ve always said, the sky’s the limit! Tallgrass will forever be committed to treating our people like people, and never like just another number. 


Awarding Top Ideas

Building technology that allows agents to work smarter, not harder is no easy feat. It begins with collaboration and communication. Listening to our freight agents over the past year has allowed for significant improvements and growth within the Tallgrass ecosystem.

Here’s what makes us really excited. As of spring 2022, team members have submitted more than 120 ideas to the What If? Program! We’re proud of our constant innovation, but we’re even prouder of the TGF team who helped initiate our advancements. 

Every voice matters here at Tallgrass and over the last year, every team member has been given the opportunity to impact the way our system operates. Empowering our agents to share the areas in which they believe Tallgrass can grow is truly what sets Tallgrass apart from the rest. 

Our What If? Program has proven to not only furnish agents with another outlet for their voices to be heard, but it has also fostered forward momentum. Being part of the What If? Program has sparked great conversations and allowed our freight agents to participate, engage and build upon each other’s thoughts and ideas. 


There are so many reasons to celebrate our tenth year in business — And our first successful year of the What If? Program is definitely one of them! 

Join a team where your voice is heard. We’re ready to welcome you into our network of award-winning independent freight agents. Learn more about joining our freight agent program today.