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Freight Agent Case Study: Todd B.

As a company that genuinely cares about people, we love to celebrate and share the successes of the people who make Tallgrass incredible. We want to be completely transparent with you: there’s a reason the best of the best bring their books of business here.

In light of that transparency, we’re thrilled to highlight an agent who has thrived since bringing his book of business to Tallgrass—and he hasn’t even been with us for a year yet! Get to know Todd B. and discover how the unbeatable support of Tallgrass has transformed his agency from day one.


Where He Was: Todd’s Journey to Tallgrass

While Todd loves freight and logistics today, he wasn’t always sure about his career path. After serving in the United States Army, Todd enrolled in college, uncertain about what to pursue. Through sheer luck, he happened upon a job driving a cargo van for a trucking company. Within six months, the company invited Todd to move to the administrative side of things and start dispatching and planning loads. 

“It fit me like a glove!” Todd recalls. “Transportation logistics is something that resonated with me from the very beginning, and I do well at it,” reflects Todd, as his natural knack for communication and logistics served him well working for trucking companies. Over time, Todd began to feel an entrepreneurial drive he couldn’t ignore, especially after experiencing some negative workplace culture. “I really didn’t want to work for anybody,” said Todd, but he wasn’t sure how to go about changing his career trajectory.

In 2004, Todd reached out to a transportation solutions company to explore becoming an owner-operator of his own freight agency. When his mentor moved to a different company, he followed, but the two eventually lost touch when Todd and his family decided to settle in Idaho. Seven years later, Todd was ready to find an opportunity to take his growth to new heights. Enter: Tallgrass. 


Where He Is Today: Growing with Tallgrass

Todd had positive experiences at his previous two freight agencies, but they were nothing like Tallgrass. “A lot of the things that were good at my other jobs where I brokered, Tallgrass does,” Todd says, “but Tallgrass does more.”

When Todd first learned about Tallgrass, two perks immediately got his attention: the high split and the insurance. With a wife who teaches and a daughter to care for, private insurance is very expensive. Todd was grateful to have access to health, dental and vision insurance. The high split also meant that Todd’s earnings increased almost immediately without bringing in any new customers beyond those that came with him from his previous brokerage.

Here at Tallgrass, Todd is well on his way to qualifying for Club 200 and making the trip to Vegas in 2024! His ambition knows no bounds, like many of our agents here, so he has his sights set on the Diamond Club and a trip to Europe in the future!

Sometimes growth is about more than the numbers, of course. The biggest change Todd has experienced came from the back office support and his ability to grow his own team. “Mike, Sean, and Chloe have all supported me really well,” Todd said, “I’ve got no complaints!”


Entrepreneurship Empowered: How Tallgrass Has Helped

Before Tallgrass, Todd was a single-agent brokerage. Because everything fell to him, he only had the capacity for so much which limited his growth. Now that he’s at Tallgrass, Todd says, “I don’t have anything that would keep me from growing. Now, I can figure out how we’re going to move forward and keep growing.” A key aspect of this was his participation in the Tallgrass Roundtable, when Todd had the opportunity to learn from veteran freight agents and get insights to grow his freight business. 

Todd very quickly found himself able to hire an assistant to expand his team once he settled his book of business with Tallgrass. With this added support, Todd has been able to hand off several tasks to his assistant, freeing up more time for cold calls and booking new customers.


Take the Leap

Todd believes in the power of a strong support system to help your freight agency grow — and the best support around happens at Tallgrass! Whether you’re a single agent or are looking to start hiring a team, Tallgrass has the resources to jump-start your growth and help you see real change the moment you set foot in the metaphorical door. If unparalleled support sounds like the final ingredient in your business’s success, reach out to us today.