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Philanthropy and Giving Back: Introducing The Grass Routes Foundation

We’re big on treating people like people, and when we give back, the magic echoes throughout our entire company. Providing the best support, both in the office and in the community, is a philosophy deeply rooted in the heart of our Founder and CEO, Damon Anderson.

“Good things come from surrounding yourself with good people,” says Damon. “There are people out there in need, and I saw the value in building something for the community.” So in this season of giving, we’re sharing a glimpse into the nonprofit Damon and a volunteer board is launching: The Grass Routes Foundation.


Introducing The Grass Routes Foundation

The idea behind The Grass Routes Foundation was to build a philanthropic organization that gives donors a say in where their monetary donations are used. “I saw a need for an organization that gives its donors a direct say in what they contribute to,” explains Damon. With a communal voting system in place, donors have the ability to direct where their money goes and see the direct impact being made. 

The Grass Routes Foundation is not affiliated with or connected to Tallgrass Freight Co., but the organization shares Tallgrass’s values. As the saying goes, “with great power comes great responsibility,” and when TGF agents make more money than ever before, Damon saw an opportunity to give them the chance to make a difference in their communities. “I wanted to build up a group of people who shared the same generous philosophy,” says Damon. 

“I knew I could donate money to someone and help them out, but I wanted to make a bigger impact, and do so more often,” Damon says. “Therefore, I wanted to get more people involved. There is power in numbers. The cumulative effects of our pooled money, ideas and experiences really got me excited as I thought this concept through.”


Making An Impact

The Grass Routes Foundation was built with a problem-solving perspective. “I will always appreciate how fortunate I am and how good it feels to solve new problems in my community,” says Damon. “At our core, we’re all just human beings trying to make a living for our family, but we have to be responsible with the money we have and make sure it doesn’t just go to self-directed interests.”

To that end, The Grass Routes Foundation disburses grants to resolve an obstacle standing in their way of their success. Those who contribute to The Grass Routes Foundation leave a legacy and make a permanent impact. For example, someone may lack reliable transportation to get to and from their job, and a grant can empower them to thrive professionally with help in car payments. Or a parent may be one semester away from their degree while struggling to balance hourly work and caring for kids, and a grant can help them graduate and land a stable job.

The Grass Routes Foundation members decide together where those dollars can make the biggest impact. With that mindset, the sky is the limit and the solutions are endless. As the Foundation continues to grow, Damon hopes to open more eyes to see the greater good they can provide to others through giving back. “With the help of The Grass Routes Foundation, we’re leading by example and teaching people how to be more philanthropic by showing them how easy it is to make a difference,” explains Damon. 

Damon is proud of the evolution of Tallgrass, and the strength of the relationships within the company. “Tallgrass Freight is unique in what we’ve built,” Damon shares. “We’ve built a group of people who share a commonality not just in their understanding of freight, but in their understanding of how to run a business properly and give generously.”


At Tallgrass Freight, when one of us succeeds, we all win. And that’s how we feel about giving back in our community too. Do your values mirror ours? If so, join the Tallgrass family today.