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Freight Agent Success Stories: KT Thomas

Agent Success Story

Here at Tallgrass Freight Co., our agents are everything. We invest in the success of our freight agents — from our make-you-a-millionaire CRM to Agent Roundtables and more. What’s it like to work with a broker who’s committed to growing your business goal by goal? Get a behind-the-scenes look, straight from our incredible agent KT.

For KT, being an entrepreneur is essential. “You literally run your own business [at TGF],” he says. “You have the ability to view all of your numbers. The way the system is set up, it’s easy to be able to run your business and also be able to communicate.” 



Supporting our agents as entrepreneurs is one more thing that makes TGF the best in the business. The expert-level coaching, mentorship and education programs coming from Tallgrass are all catered toward empowering agents to build their books of business to outlandish new heights. For KT, it’s made a big difference.

“I was stuck in the office in my other company,” KT adds. “If you’ve ever been in the freight industry, you appreciate the opportunity to be Internet-based. I can be anywhere right now, still keeping track in my book of business.” 



TGF isn’t just about numbers. It’s about lifestyle. And that isn’t lost on KT. Our goal as a broker is to help freight agents create the lifestyle they want for themselves, whether that means working from home or traveling around the country. We’re proud to work with agents nationwide, working remotely and gathering together in Kansas City for our Roundtable mastermind weekend. 

What does it take to make the jump to TGF? “I did my research,” KT shares. “I talked to other carriers. Tallgrass was a breath of fresh air, the way they run their business. Everybody’s positive. We just want to help each other grow.”

At TGF, we believe culture isn’t something that just comes naturally, it’s something you intentionally create and nurture. Our culture here starts with our values: tenacity, partnership, integrity, commitment and ambition. Most importantly, we don’t just talk the talk. We walk the walk and live our values day in and day out. Our culture isn’t just great because we say it’s great, it’s award-winning. You’ll see why when you join the team. And it’s proven to be true for KT. 



Of course, the TGF team includes our excellent leadership. “One thing I noticed as far as the team is amazing communication,” KT relates. “Who has the CEO just calling, ‘Hey dude, want to see how you’re doing?’ I love working with them.” 

This approachability may be modeled at the top, but it’s authentic throughout the company. That means access, transparency and friendship with top-level leadership through back office support. Our team isn’t just here for looks. They’re here to help. Whether it’s building your book of business or helping you hire new members to your team and beyond, the TGF leadership team is here for you. 

Everything we do at Tallgrass Freight is to build our freight brokerage into the best in the business for our amazing agents. Ready to join the team? Become an agent at TGF and you’ll join our incredible family of outstanding agents.