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10 Things We’re Thankful For in 2023

We’re all about gratitude at Tallgrass Freight because there is always so much to be thankful for! From new hires and new programs to support our freight agents, to exciting milestones and awards, 2023 has certainly given us a lot for our gratitude list! See why we’re thankful here at TGF.  plus several exciting milestones and awards, 2023 has been quite the year for the Tallgrass Freight team.


New Beginnings and New Hires

We love a good origin story, and the new members of the Tallgrass team have already been making a big impact on our company and our agents. As our new Senior Finance Manager, Kathy DeSanto has played an integral role in the health of our financial ecosystem. More recently, Ellie Martin came in to spearhead our HR department. She has already made a huge impact on the well-being of our staff and agents, and we can’t wait to see how she continues to flourish in the future. 


Our New President

In addition to new hires in every department of Tallgrass, we welcomed Sean Richardson as our new President! Sean has been part of the Tallgrass team since he first joined as an independent freight agent in 2018, and ever since he has been an integral part of our people-first culture and commitment to our customers. Here’s to many more years with Sean at the helm of the Tallgrass ship!


Growing and Thriving Careers

Success stories have more than just beginnings—they also have exciting milestones along the way! For several of our team members in 2023, this has meant promotions to new and exciting roles at Tallgrass:


Financial Success and Stability

This year, we partnered with Mariner Wealth Advisors to launch a financial coaching program, empowering our independent agents to better manage their finances and invest in success. Available to out agents and employees alike, it’s an ideal opportunity to build the critical money management skills every professional needs. 


Agents Supporting Agents

While we all love some friendly competition, one of the best parts of being an agent at Tallgrass is how supportive and encouraging the atmosphere is. One of the ways we cultivate this culture is through our annual Agent Roundtable events. From our 2023 spring roundtable, to our 2023 fall event, our ambitious agents grow by learning from each other and gain strategies to transform their books of business.


Our Stronger-than-Ever CRM

When we launched our freight CRM in 2021, it was stellar right from the gate. Designed for freight professionals, by freight professionals, the CRM streamlines daily work for our freight agents and frees them up for selling and serving. But the CRM keeps getting better, fueled by our team! Our “What If” program allows TGF team members to submit ideas, and every idea that comes to life earns them $100! Our top-tier tech team continues to make game-changing updates, and we’re grateful to offer this amazing technology to our agents.


An Award-winning Team

At Tallgrass Freight, we’re always proud to add new bling to the trophy case — and 2023 was no exception! We were humbled to take home several awards in 2023, and it’s all thanks to our hard-working freight agents who diligently serve our customers! Some of our proudest accolades this year include making the Inc. 5000 for the seventh consecutive year, continuing our six-year streak with Ingram’s Top 100 and earning the title of Top Private Carrier with Transport Topics! We’re grateful for our awards, but far more grateful for our team. 


Freedom and Flexibility

This one goes beyond tangible figures and listed accomplishments, but it’s something all of our freight agents mention whenever we ask what they love about Tallgrass. Being an independent agent gives our freight brokers the freedom and flexibility to establish a successful business on their terms. Add to that our back office that supports them every step of the way, and our agents have an experience that simply can’t be found anywhere else in the freight industry!


Thriving in a Tumultuous Freight Market

It’s no secret that the freight market has been volatile over the last few years. While many freight and logistics companies have had to close their doors as a result, we are thankful to have continued growth as a company despite such an unpredictable market. Layoffs? Commission cuts? Not here! Tallgrass hasn’t had to make a single layoff due to market complications, and we owe it all to our incredible freight agents and internal team! While other brokerages are hitting the brakes, we’re still moving forward.


Countless Agent Success Stories

We’re thankful to be a home for entrepreneurial, driven freight agents who are hungry — and we’re thankful to support them on their way to huge success! But don’t take our word for it. Hear straight from our agents about what makes Tallgrass a destination brokerage. 

“There’s very few things sometimes in your life that have an impact on you, genuinely,” says agent John R. “But being able to work here at Tallgrass — it’s one of those things you won’t forget.” 


There’s Much to Be Thankful For!

We’re only scratching the surface of all the exciting wins and memorable moments that fill us with gratitude at Tallgrass Freight. Above all, we know none of it would be possible without the freight agents who are the backbone of our company culture and industry success.


Interested in learning more about what a freight career could look like with Tallgrass? Contact our recruiting team to find out more!