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How to Navigate a Tumultuous Freight Market

Today’s economy is certainly shifting. After years of supply chain backlogs, the freight industry is tumultuous But the market is cyclical, and when there are uncertain times, success and growth are just around the corner.

Better yet? YOU have control over YOUR future, no matter what the market outlook says.

Understanding how to navigate the freight market during volatility can increase the chances of scaling your freight business during less optimal times. Ambitious freight agents can use this unpredictability to learn, grow and seize new opportunities.

In our eBook, How to Navigate a Tumultuous Freight Market, freight experts outline how to rise above unexpected obstacles and fluctuating market trends. Here’s a snapshot of what you can expect from our free guide. Let’s dive in. 


A New Outlook in 2023 

Fears of a looming recession may have altered the volume of consumer demand. But while the amount of freight on the move may have decreased, carriers are still looking to move loads. (And they always will be!) From a cost perspective, this new outlook could be a positive shift for both customers and brokers as they identify areas to reduce costs.

So how can you best navigate this tumultuous market? It all starts with establishing goals — and a strong plan for how you will reach and surpass them. Map out and execute an action plan so you can hit the ground running each day.

In addition to goal-setting, maintaining strong relationships with customers during tumultuous times will benefit your book of business. Nurturing customer relationships — and investing time in understanding their concerns with the changing market and their future expectations — positions you to recommend an expert solution. 


Shifting Your Mindset

Mindset is everything. Because the reality is, a new opportunity is just a phone call away. Each time you move a shipment, you’re potentially gaining new business. How you choose to serve your customers could open the doorway for another new potential partnership, simply based on the high-quality service you provided.

A success-driven mindset focuses on partnership opportunities, explains Tallgrass Freight Co. President Sean Richardson. “I believe there’s a tremendous opportunity for growth right now,” he explains. “People are always looking for good-quality partnerships. Sure, you’ll come across some who are solely looking for the cheapest option available. But the people you want to forge relationships with are looking for someone who will deliver first-class service. They’re looking for a real partner who communicates well, owns up to their word and exceeds expectations.”

As a Tallgrass Freight agent, your future is in your own hands! You have an opportunity to build a business and career you’ve always envisioned for yourself. You have the ability to make decisions and take your business to new heights, regardless of the doom and gloom surrounding the economy.


Being a Successful Business Owner

Building your own book of business in a shifting market may sound daunting. But with the right mentorship, support and resources, it doesn’t have to be. At Tallgrass, you’ll always have a team backing you up.

Our most successful agents don’t let the idea of uncertainty change their tenacity. They exercise strong communication skills and provide the best level of service possible to customers. They follow up with customers, check on loads and plan for future loads. They refuse to stay stagnant and are always hustling.

“Anytime there’s a shift in the marketplace, up or down, needs will always arise,” says Sean. “Gaps will emerge and customers will need additional freight assistance. Instead of waiting for opportunity to come to you, be aggressive and seize it for yourself. So be hungry.”

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Don’t let the tumultuous freight market get the best of you. Instead, seize the moment and jump in head first. Learn more about becoming a Tallgrass freight agent. We’re ready when you are.