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Jennifer Kambar

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Jennifer Kambar

Senior Agent Recruiter

Drink at happy hour:

Pinot Noir

Superhero alter ego:

Wonder Woman

Something fun:

I taught conversational English to large companies in Madrid, Spain!

Jen Kambar, a Michigan-based Tallgrass recruiter, loves bringing in new freight agents who will thrive as part of the team. “Here, we’re all about culture, and that’s what’s important to me,” Jen says.

And Jen knows first-hand that Tallgrass has the best culture around. Recruiting isn’t her first role with Tallgrass — Jen began her time with the Tallgrass team as a freight broker before she transitioned into recruiting. Forever a people person, Jen began her career in international business, even teaching English in Madrid before launching her work in the logistics industry. 

Jen was at a crossroads in her career before she joined Tallgrass. “I really thought about what kind of company I wanted to work for, and what was important to me. What kinds of people did I want to surround myself with? That was really important.” 

When Jen connected with Tallgrass Freight, she knew it was going to be the perfect fit. “Finding Tallgrass was like buying a new house: it started to feel like home to me,” Jen explains. “Tallgrass is the epitome of what every company should strive to be.”

“If you want a place where you can come to thrive and have all the support you can imagine, Tallgrass is the place you want to be.”

Jen believes one of the best qualities about TGF is the support. And especially with her freight broker background, she knows first-hand how Tallgrass invests in agent development! Jen enjoys telling potential freight agents about the unparalleled support and culture offered at Tallgrass, and how it can’t be found anywhere else.

Another Tallgrass perk, Jen says, is that Tallgrass makes every experience so personal, and never makes an employee feel like a number. “Never have I worked for a company that has family barbecues where the CEO cooks hot dogs for everyone, or where team members take you to lunch whenever you visit the office,” Jen says.

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