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Executive Leadership Team: How Our Leadership is Designed for Agent Success

Since day one, our focus on our team has never faltered. For the past ten years, we’ve bolstered a leadership team we’re incredibly proud to showcase. The professionals at the helm of Tallgrass Freight Co. share our tenacity, ambition and commitment to remaining the BEST freight brokerage in the nation! Today, we’re pleased to say our leadership team has never been stronger.

“It is obvious today that we have the right people who are helping lead our constant growth,” says Founder and CEO, Damon Anderson. “The one thing that’s the most important to me about our company is this: I never want to lose that feeling of this company being a community.”

There’s a reason why we call this group of folks our “Dream Team!” Let’s explore more about this team of dedicated, driven individuals who collaborate, treat each other with respect and share a goal of supporting agent success. 


Meet the Dream Team

Sean Richardson | President

As the President of Tallgrass Freight Co., Sean oversees the structure of the company and concentrates on building an environment where agents can thrive for years to come. 

Sharing the company’s passion for relationships and camaraderie, Sean prioritizes the people-first culture and commitment to those Tallgrass serves. “I want to ensure every team feels supported and has the tools and resources available to maximize their potential, not just from an agent perspective, but from a global company perspective. I focus on the big picture and overall vision for the future,” Sean shares.

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Tim Bateman | CFO & Data Expert

Tallgrass Freight’s CFO and Data Expert, Tim Bateman, handles sales analytics, cash flow forecasting and more to ensure Tallgrass is thriving financially. Tim loves the opportunity to be among like-minded individuals at Tallgrass, and enjoys keeping his finger on the financial pulse of Tallgrass.

“It’s a great team here,” Tim says. “It’s the culture, the true family culture. You’re part of the team, and I like that aspect of partnering with Tallgrass so much.”

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Mike Clemmons | VP of Product Development

As the Vice President of Product Development, Mike is responsible for creating and developing new internal strategies, providing mentorship and support for agents, ensuring TGF is maximizing its potential and implementing seamless and effective company workflows. 

Tallgrass is “a corporate world with a small business mindset,” Mike says. As one of the first to join the Tallgrass team, Mike has lived and breathed the Tallgrass culture since its first days. “The culture here is part of what makes us unique. You can always smile and laugh and talk with somebody.”

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Chloe Marshall | VP of Growth and Development

Building on her own freight agent experience, Chloe is passionate about helping new agents flourish and grow their book of business. As a key point of contact for incoming agents, she spends her days analyzing production, supporting the recruiting team, assisting agents and finding new ways to improve daily workflows.

Chloe is thrilled to welcome new agents to the Tallgrass team and help them achieve their goals. “If someone is considering a new role in freight, I want them to feel comfortable diving in and having a conversation about their career move.”

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Chelsea Pike | VP of Account Services

As the Vice President of Account Services, Chelsea manages a number of areas, including compliance, adjustments, disputes, claims and account management. With 14 years of account management and operations experience under her belt, Chelsea brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the TGF family.

“Every day I’m talking to real people who are living their dream of owning their own business,” Chelsea says. “I’m able to support them from the back end, whether through claims, compliance or whatever else it may be. That’s what I like about my job.”

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John Ruf | VP of Information Technology

John’s work consists of establishing programs to support our CRM technology, ensuring systems are safe and secure, building out new features and working to create an enterprise architecture that will continue to propel TGF forward technologically. 

“Working with the CRM is a delight,” says John. “Not only is the application well built from a code perspective, but it’s stellar from a business perspective.” And John is driven to continuously make our system better than ever.

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Ryan Gregor | Collections and Credit Manager

With his natural talent for collections, Ryan Gregor serves our Tallgrass Freight agents as they rake in profits as our Collections and Credit Manager.

Ryan has found his perfect fit here at TGF in the finance department. “I’m grateful to bring all my experience to Tallgrass to expedite collections and make our agents’ lives a whole lot easier,” Ryan says. As a total collections guru, Ryan has enjoyed jumping into the TGF system and working enthusiastically with the collection team.

Meet Ryan >>


Mandy Maples | Senior Finance Manager 

Mandy plays an integral role in overseeing all aspects of the financial ecosystem at Tallgrass. She spends her day handling everything from payroll and balancing out cash to ensuring all payments are received and being delivered on time and seeking out efficiencies to help improve the accounting process.

“I have worked in all facets of accounting and continue to learn and grow each day,” says Mandy.

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Accessibility is Key

At many corporations, top-level leaders are simply unavailable. You’re lucky if you can get even a little time on their calendar next month, much less build a relationship. But at Tallgrass, we don’t believe in the “ivory tower” mentality. In fact, at our annual Bounce House Bash event, our owners man the grill! You won’t find that anywhere else!

Our leaders go the extra mile to be accessible and available for any of our agents, from our veteran freight pros to our newest freight brokers. Accessible leadership is just part of our culture and it has been since our early days in the farmhouse. No matter how big we grow, we remain committed to building relationships.

Our State of the Union is one way our leadership team ensures agents’ voices are heard and that everyone is in the loop. This company update is a great chance for agents from coast to coast to hear straight from our owners and key leaders.


Agent Development Designed For Agent Success

When it comes to agent development, we have the very best here at Tallgrass Freight. We focus on more than your average career development — We concentrate on freight agent development for entrepreneurs

The efforts of our leadership team are driven not only to help agents become the best freight broker they can be, but to build the best freight agency. Our dream at Tallgrass will always be to help our agents fulfill theirs.

Our leaders are freight experts, eager to empower and improve our team of agents with continuous agent development opportunities. President Sean Richardson began his freight career as a broker and is always excited to share his growth insights with fellow agents. He is dedicated to helping freight agents thrive by taking a broad perspective on all aspects of logistics.

Chloe Marshall, VP of Agent Development, shares valuable insights and relationship-building sales strategies to ensure agents hit the ground running from day one. Building on her own freight agent experience, Chloe is passionate about helping new agents flourish and grow their book of business.


A Place for the Best Agents to Call Home

For over ten years, we’ve been creating something remarkable here at Tallgrass. Our incredible leadership and investment in agent success are a testament to our unmatched company culture and support.

“In the first ten years, through thick and thin, we’ve built an incredible executive team. We couldn’t have achieved this alone, and I’m excited to see the continued evolution of the executive team,” says COO and Co-Owner, David Barnes, about the Dream Team. “With the right people, we can continue to flourish and grow.”


For experienced freight agents who are hungry to grow, we’re actively recruiting extraordinary agents like you. Contact us today.