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Freight Agent Case Study: Jose W.

Here at Tallgrass, we put the success of our agents at the top of our company’s priority list. Now, while all Tallgrass Freight Co. agents are fully independent, they also have access to ongoing and personalized support from the wider TGF team. 

Today, we’re shining a spotlight on Jose W., one of our independent agents. In his first two years with Tallgrass, Jose’s revenue grew by 500%! Let’s peek behind the curtain to see how the TGF model has set Jose up to find so much success. 


Life Before TGF  

Before joining Tallgrass, Jose had worked in logistics for a large brokerage company and spent time at a smaller dispatch-focused organization. After reporting to others for years of his career, Jose was hungry to capitalize on his entrepreneurial spirit, and wanted to pursue an opportunity to be in business for himself. 

While still working in dispatch, he came across a Tallgrass Freight Co. job listing and was immediately drawn in by the independent freight agent program. “Tallgrass has something most companies just don’t have,” he explains. “At Tallgrass, everyone is there to support you.”


The Benefits of Entrepreneurship 

Soon after he began working with Tallgrass in spring 2021, Jose realized how much our behind-the-scenes support freed him up to focus on more revenue-driving tasks. One key difference Jose credits is handing off responsibility for billing and credit tasks. “I don’t have to chase people down, and it’s easier for me to focus on what I’m good at: sales,” he says.

In his year-and-a-half tenure with Tallgrass, Jose has found significant success. “The first year, starting out, I was only in business for about eight months but we already ended with a good amount of revenue,” he said. “The following year, our revenue increased about five times as much as that first year!” 

Jose doesn’t come from an entrepreneurial background. “Nobody in my family has owned their own business or known how to run a business,” he said. He’s found that the Tallgrass Roundtable conversations, coupled with our sense of community, have helped him build relationships with more experienced brokers and ultimately elevate his sales skills. 

So with some Tallgrass support – and without needing to deal with invoicing or other tedious tasks – Jose has experienced over 500% revenue growth for his book of business and is now able to think of himself as a business owner, rather than just as an employee. 


Where He is Today: Success with Tallgrass 

Fast forward to today, and Jose is continuing to experience significant growth. He’s been a part of Club 250 already, and managed to reach $500,000 in revenue last year, earning him a place in Diamond Club. 

Let’s dive into a few of the details behind his success: 

LIFETIME MARGIN GROWTH: 350% increase from first load through December 2022

LIFETIME LOADS GROWTH: 155% increase from first load through December 2022

In addition to his own hard work, Jose credits much of his success to the combination of independence and support. “Tallgrass has a very open environment where you can do whatever you want as a business owner,” he said. “But there is also the back office, and they’re willing to respond as quickly as they can. They don’t have to help with certain scenarios or situations, but people like Mike, Sean, and Damon go out of their way to help.” 


Take the Leap 

Jose’s story is proof that success in the world of freight is rooted in supportive relationships and a dedication to sales. He describes our environment as “a big company with a small-town vibe.”

Unlike other companies, Tallgrass Freight tirelessly offers our agents the necessary support to take their book of business to the next level. 


Like Jose, the sky’s the limit for your success at Tallgrass. If you’re ready to begin building your own business, start a conversation with us today