Kayla Hall-Johnson

Kayla Hall-Johnson

Senior Agent Recruiter

As Senior Agent Recruiter, Kayla Hall-Johnson’s mission is to show potential team members how Tallgrass Freight offers all the tools necessary for success. “We’re going to support you like a family does,” Kayla explains. “No matter your background, once you fall under the Tallgrass Freight umbrella, you are treated with respect.”

Kayla attended the University of Kansas to study communications and loved being part of the dance team as a Rock Chalk dancer. After launching her career in sales, Kayla transitioned into recruiting and became a National Sales Recruiter. In that role, Kayla was named one of the corporation’s top 20 recruiters.

What brought Kayla to Tallgrass Freight was the culture. “I was sold on the fact that I’m offering freedom to freight agents at TGF,” Kayla says. “You can come in and work as much as you want, make money and have a family backing you up.”

Kayla spends her days engaged in active recruiting, constantly reaching out to candidates who would be ideal additions to the Tallgrass Freight Agent team. With a fast-paced environment and plenty of goals, there’s never a dull moment — and Kayla likes it that way!

After work, Kayla shares her passion for dance as a dance teacher, working with children ages 4 – 18 at a local dance studio. She also loves spending time with her two dogs and seeing her family as much as possible.