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From Our Agents: Memories of the Past Ten Years

Pop the champagne, it’s time to celebrate! The new year officially marks the tenth anniversary of Tallgrass Freight! In 2022, we’re celebrating ten years of remarkable accomplishments, exponential growth, fantastic memories, and of course, our journey to becoming the best

Damon Anderson, Founder and CEO, brought Tallgrass Freight Co. to life ten years ago in a small Kansas farmhouse. With a dream to establish the kind of company he always wanted to work for, Damon took a one-man brokerage and built the foundation of what would become the best freight brokerage in the logistics ecosystem only ten years later. 

“I could go on and on about the fun we had in the farmhouse!” Damon remembers. “It was five friends working out of various rooms throughout the house and brokering freight. It was where we determined the importance of trust and a strong culture.”

Now, ten years later, Tallgrass has established an award-winning culture by surrounding ourselves with the right people and investing in the success of others. Our brokers love being a part of this freight agent network and their memories from the past decade are a testament to the unparalleled culture at Tallgrass Freight.


Our independent freight agents share their best memories from the past ten years:


Freight agent Stan C., with Tallgrass since 2016, has no shortage of great memories he’s made, dating back to his first days when the office neighbored a concrete plant. “The walls would shake when the concrete plant started up,” Stan smiles. “We sure had a lot of fun in that building!” And the fun hasn’t stopped, recalling stories of Mike and Damon’s friendly ping pong or pool competitions. And of course, the famous Tallgrass Freight Christmas Party is something Stan looks forward to every year. “Yeah, the Christmas party is always a lot of fun!” he says with a laugh.

Tom V. joined the Tallgrass independent freight agent network in 2017, and he values the unique relationships he has with those on the Tallgrass leadership team. “I’ve grown to become good friends with many people at Tallgrass, and those friendships mean a lot to me,” he says. “They’re not only my business partners, but this is a mutually respected partnership.”

Bounce House Bash

Freight agent Cyprian B. appreciates the opportunity to continually grow and better himself as a professional. “I like that I get to be my own boss while still working in a collaborative environment,” Cyprian says. “I also get to work alongside some of the best agents in the industry. To be able to interact with them in the office — or call and text them — that’s huge for me.”

Malisa M. has years of stories to tell, including some hilarious and memorable moments — from her first interview with Damon and lost bets to office pranks and everything in between! — and she is happy to say there’s never a dull moment at Tallgrass.

Freight Agent TGF

Paige M., part of the independent freight agent network since 2016, has always enjoyed the Tallgrass Christmas parties. She also likes coming into the office to see and talk with the team. “When I’m stuck, I know I can rely on us working together to find a quick and efficient solution from those who dedicate themselves to knowing the ins and outs of the industry,” Paige says.


The memories we’ve made in the past decade are a great indication of what the future has in store for the Tallgrass team. “I’m excited for the future because we’ve had such a great past,” says David Barnes, COO and Co-Owner. 

Our industry-leading compensation, excellent back office support and innovative technology are just a few reasons why being a TGF agent is so spectacular. But the memories made and friendships built are truly what makes us a freight family. Interested in joining us for our next milestone? We’d love to chat! Start the conversation with us to become a freight agent at Tallgrass Freight Co.