Mike Clemmons

VP of Operations

As Vice President of Operations, Mike Clemmons makes sure that everything runs smoothly at Tallgrass Freight. Mike spends his days working on projects that build the company, developing game-changing strategies and supporting agents however he can.

After working as a 911 dispatcher in his early career, Mike took a sharp turn and gained experience as an account manager and sales representative. Soon after Tallgrass Freight’s launch, founder and CEO Damon Anderson persuaded Mike to join the new venture, then headquartered right out of his farmhouse.

While the company today is far beyond its farmhouse roots, the most important things haven’t changed a bit, Mike says. “It’s a corporate world with a small business mindset. The culture here is part of what makes us unique.”

Today, Mike looks back on that farmhouse and recalls their basement computer server with fondness. Mike is proud of what Tallgrass Freight has become and the good people the company supports. Interactions with the team and company clients keep Mike coming back. Even on the most hectic days, he enjoys working in a fun, comfortable environment where anyone is up for a laugh and the owners are willing to hang out and talk about anything.

“The best part of Tallgrass is having the office interaction,” Mike smilles. “You can always smile and laugh and talk with somebody.”

When Mike hangs his hat for the day, he goes home to his wife and son. Mike is a self-proclaimed tennis nerd and movie aficionado.