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Freight Agent Case Study: Trent F.

There’s a reason Tallgrass is considered the best of the best out there: our people. Tallgrass freight agents are the lifeblood of our company, and we love celebrating their successes. As independent business owners, each of our agents has a unique story to tell, and we’re here to share their journeys of growth and success. Today, we’re taking a look at Tallgrass freight agent Trent and how his career has blossomed since seizing the freight agent opportunity and joining our team. 


Where He Was: Career Before Tallgrass

Early in his career, Trent found a passion for physical activity, scoring a role in a gym with a global footprint. From there, he combined his love for exercise and community and stepped into the role of Program Director for the YMCA. In addition to setting up games and organizing teams, Trent was responsible for recruiting new players, which required him to pick up the phone and head out to schools to entice more participants. Extra work for the same pay? Not exactly what Trend had in mind. 

Determined to find a role where his compensation would more strongly align with his dedication and work ethic, Trent became a dispatcher with a major logistics carrier. From there, the entrepreneurial-minded and tenacious Trent teamed up with a fellow buddy in logistics to start their own brokerage. However, just when things started moving, COVID hit, stifling their plans. 

In search of a new opportunity, Trent came across Tallgrass. After connecting with TGF, Trent says, “I just had a really good gut feeling. All these other companies were nice, but the first question they always asked was: ‘How big is your book of business?’ They were very focused on what I could bring to the table. With Tallgrass, they were focused on making it a good fit for everyone.”

Even though Trent applied to 40 companies, he always came back to Tallgrass when no other company measured up. “Tallgrass set the bar high! I took that leap of faith and I’m very glad I did,” he says.


Where He is Today: Growing with Tallgrass

Stepping into Tallgrass’s independent freight agent program, Trent was ready to hit the ground running. He carried a book of business with contacts he’d made the effort to stay in touch with as he was making his career transition. He understood the importance of building relationships and how integral it can be in fueling his upward mobility. 

It was this mindset that helped him reach nearly $80,000 in gross margin in under six months and qualify for Club 200. In 2021 and 2022, he catapulted his success to new levels, qualifying for the crème de la crème of our sales reward programs: Elite Circle. Freight agents inducted into the Elite Circle have reached $1 million in margin for the year and are rewarded with a once-in-a-lifetime trip for two to any event, anywhere in the world.

Trent credits his ability to grow his book of business to the mentorship Tallgrass provides. “I remember Sean calling and saying: ‘You can’t do all this by yourself. You’ll never really be successful when you’re spreading yourself too thin.’ And that’s when we worked on transforming my one-man job into a team effort.”

Another aspect that helped Trent take his business to new heights? Tallgrass’s reputation. “Tallgrass has an industry-leading credit rating. That means drivers and carriers know they’ll get paid when they work with us,” he shares. “It’s been a game-changer when booking shipments, and ensuring I don’t lose out on potential business.”


How Tallgrass Helps Agents Like Trent Succeed

Starting out at Tallgrass, Trent didn’t know much about being a business owner. Three things that really helped him acclimate: the support, people, and technology. The collaborative and supportive culture has played a pivotal role in Trent’s foray into business ownership. 

“In addition to the people,” he says, “the CRM is hands down the easiest one I’ve ever used. Time is money. If you’re using an outdated CRM or technology, it’ll just slow things down and hinder growth. But the Tallgrass CRM is super user-friendly and facilitates all the day-to-day tasks of being a freight broker without unnecessary headaches.” 

Trent also believes Tallgrass’s investment in professional development sets the company apart from other freight opportunities out there. He’s been able to attend our annual Roundtable Event as both a participant and a panel member. “It’s so rewarding,” he shares. “To get to share knowledge with newer agents and just have candid conversations about everything from hurdles to expect to opportunities to seize, it’s such a great experience.”


Take the Leap

Trent’s story is just one of the many success stories that speak to the core of Tallgrass. We are genuinely invested in our team of freight agents, empowering them to build the lifestyle and business they’ve always envisioned for themselves. 


When we say this is an entrepreneurial opportunity, we mean it! Whether that means you build a team, work solo, come into the office or work from home – you have the freedom to mold your career into whatever you want. To learn more about joining Tallgrass, reach out to us today.