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Freight Agent Case Study: Lindsay M.

At Tallgrass, we’re incredibly lucky to be surrounded by ambitious, driven freight agents who continuously push the needle forward. Not only do we actively invest in their success, but we celebrate their wins as well. While our freight agents are independent business owners, they have access to the resources, technology and support needed to fuel their growth. 

Today, we’re shining the spotlight on Tallgrass Freight agent Lindsay M. and her journey of growth and success.


Where She Was: Life Before Tallgrass

Freight runs in Lindsay’s blood. Her dad has a background in the business and upon graduating college, she worked alongside him. “I was addicted to freight right off the bat,” Lindsay recalls. “My dad was my rock for everything. He was the ultimate cheerleader. He knew I would be good at freight before I even knew! I loved freight just the way my dad loved freight, and it turned into a career.”

She began in LTL, where she worked in customer service before training new billers in a trucking terminal. After a short stint in intermodal (read: not her cup of tea!), she handled internal operations for an LTL trucking company where she gained first-hand experience on the trucking side of the business. 

“I have a different perspective than most brokers,” Lindsay shares. “I’ve been on the docks, loading and unloading the freight. I’ve seen the issues drivers deal with daily. I think it’s helped me build my business — I can speak to drivers on a more personal level and customers feel confident in my ability to handle and service their freight.”

Upon returning to work at her prior role after maternity leave, Lindsay was moved over to the brokerage side. “It went really well initially,” she recalls, “but they took such an enormous chunk of the paycheck pie. Other than working from home, it felt like I wasn’t seeing any upside to the hard work I was putting in. I needed a challenge – and I wanted to do better for myself.” 

Enter: Tallgrass.

Lindsay decided the best way forward was to reconnect with Damon Anderson, whom she had connected with years earlier, and take him up on his offer to make the move to Tallgrass.


Where She Is Today: Growing with Tallgrass

This past year Lindsay has focused on maintaining her book of business, nurturing her relationships, and growing her existing customers. She is on track to qualify for Club 250 and is already looking ahead to her goals for next year. “I’m expecting to hopefully double, if not triple my business next year,” she says with confidence. 

One of her secrets to success? She pays attention to her customers: their likes, dislikes, anniversaries, and life milestones. “Little personalized connections and going the extra mile can help build genuine relationships with your customers. It transforms something from cold and transactional into a long-term partnership,” Lindsay says.


How Tallgrass Helps Agents Like Lindsay Succeed

“It’s a great support system,” reflects Lindsay. “You have people checking in on you, but there’s no requirements to adhere to. There are amazing incentives that inspire you to push yourself. But nobody’s breathing down your throat because you didn’t hit a quota, or do a certain margin of business.”

Speaking more on how Tallgrass’s supportive culture drives her success, Lindsay shares, “Tallgrass offers Zoom calls for newer agents where we can connect with some veteran agents to ask questions and learn tips and tricks. It’s such a beneficial resource — You can learn a lot from people who were in your shoes and know what it takes to reach the next level.”

Lindsay also has loved the opportunity to attend Tallgrass’s annual Roundtable Event, as she furthered her professional development. “It was great to meet these veteran players in person and get a glimpse into their business,” she says.”You can see how they’re making money and it opens up the doorway for new ways to grow your book. I think people tend to get too comfortable with the kind of freight they move, but the freight world is massive. If you’re only used to moving a small package or a flatbed freight, there’s a world of new opportunity out there to tap into that you’re not aware of until you start talking with different agents about what they’re doing and gaining insight into their strategies for success.”


Take the Leap

As someone who’s experienced the throes of office politics, coming to an environment like Tallgrass where freedom and autonomy are encouraged has been a game-changer for Lindsay. And the best part? You never have to go at it alone. “You always have somebody to go to for help,” Lindsay reflects, “whether you need inspiration, motivation, or help navigating the industry.”


Whether you’re working solo or looking to build a team, Tallgrass can help fuel your growth with unparalleled resources, technology, and support. To learn more about joining our team and creating your ideal lifestyle, reach out to us today.