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Freight Agent Case Study: Brian B.

At Tallgrass Freight Co., people come first. By fostering an environment where we all treat each other the right way, we’re able to represent the very best in the freight world. And here, that spells REAL success.

We’re taking this opportunity to highlight one of the independent agents that helps bring our goals to life: Brian B. See how Brian’s freight career has reached new heights here at Tallgrass.

Where He Was: Life Before Tallgrass 

Before entering the freight world, Brian dedicated eight years of his life to the United States Marine Corps, stationed primarily in San Diego. After completing his service in 2016, Brian traded the Golden State for the Lone Star State, where he earned an economics degree from the University of Houston and then started to look for his first full-time, civilian job. While he wasn’t sure precisely what job he wanted, Brian knew his father and sisters had excelled in sales roles and considered following in their footsteps. 

Brian accepted the first job offer that came his way: freight brokering. He remained at his first company for a few years in order to learn the ropes of the freight industry, but soon found that the commission structure wasn’t working for him. “When you’re working for major firms, you’re looking at limited commission on most loads,” he says. “I wasn’t really happy with that compensation.”

Brian then moved to an asset-based firm and specialized in LTL freight. But once again, the compensation structure didn’t meet Brian’s expectations. Each of these freight stepping stones led Brian to research additional models that could better align with his needs.

“I looked at the numbers and thought, ‘I’m making the company this much money every month, but I’m only seeing $5,000 of it. How do I make it so I can get that income for myself?’” he says. Enter Tallgrass. 

Today, Brian says he “couldn’t be more happy” with his work, citing the transparency behind the commission structure and the relationships Tallgrass has with carriers. 

Where He is Today: Success with Tallgrass 

“Before Tallgrass, I was looking at a $40,000 or $50,000 base and 10% commission,” Brian recalls. “But if you look at the level of revenue I’m doing now, that could have increased to $70,000 or more in the W-2 world,” he says. “I’ve pretty much doubled that here.” 

Curious about Brian’s growth trajectory? Take a look at these stunning stats:

  • LIFETIME MARGIN GROWTH: 1,062% increase from first load through December 2022
  • LIFETIME LOADS GROWTH: 572% increase from first load through December 2022

Brian believes the agency model offers a significantly higher ceiling than what was available to him in his previous freight roles. While he joined Tallgrass with the knowledge that this increased reward came with increased risk, Brian is also immensely grateful for the TGF team’s willingness to come alongside him during his first few months as he adjusted to agent life. 

Pursuing His Own Entrepreneurial Dreams — with the Best Support Around

One of the first customers that Brian worked with at Tallgrass went bankrupt. Had Brian been flying solo, this could have been a nightmare scenario. Brian doesn’t know how he would have gotten through that hurdle without Tallgrass’s support. “It’s unfortunate that it happened, but it wasn’t an issue — because Tallgrass was right there. That stability has made such a big difference.” 

According to Brian, he’s truly appreciative of the opportunities he’s been able to pursue as a part of TGF. “It really takes a certain kind of person to make it in this industry, to take all of the rejection that there is and to keep going,” he says. To that end, Brian’s particularly thankful for the example of hard work and tenacity set by Damon Anderson, TGF Founder and CEO, and he strives to emulate the same values: finding good people and good customers, nurturing those relationships, and pursuing success together. 

Take the Leap 

As Brian’s journey illustrates, the freight road doesn’t have to be driven alone. Tallgrass Freight Co. offers our agents levels of support that empower them to thrive today and continue to grow for tomorrow. If you’re ready to create your own successful future in freight, reach out to us today.